So we made it to Chicago. It’s amazing that we did… We came the wrong way back as in we took I-80 instead of I-88. So sadly, I wasn’t able to go to the store that had the wonderful antiques. I seriously started to cry. I could have spent all day long in there. Think of a huge warehouse… crammed full of antiques. You literally had to move things to get to other things. I got a stroller there. I didn’t post about it because I hadn’t told Benjamin and I didn’t want him to find out on here. :) Now that he knows about it, look at Ellwood in my stroller…

Ellewood day 1 009

It is awesome, I swear!

So we got here and the weather started out terrible. It was raining and thundering like crazy. So we ventured out to the mall across the street. I bought some make-up (foundation) and I got all the presents for my family. I’ll post on Sunday all the presents I got. Great for another post! However, there was a Lego store there. Of course, Ellwood had to get some pictures. He’s sometimes such a picture/attention hog. Here he is with the Lego man.

Ellwood day 5 003

Next he wanted to play ball with some kids upstairs.

Ellwood day 5 001

Ready… Set…. Go!

Ellwood day 5 002

After that we went to Bloomingdales home store. It was OK in there. There were some wonderful ideas that we came home with, but in no way willing to pay what they wanted for it. I wonder how they stay in business. I mean really. It was 4 stories and there were only a handful of people in the store.

From there, we went to Millennium Park and saw….

Ellwood day 5 010


Ellwood day 5 004

I cannot tell you how excited I was to see it. Now, I needed to get close enough to take a picture without getting a picture of me… tricky is my middle name.

Ellwood day 5 005

I am actually in the bean… if you can see me, kudos to you. (not really). So after that, I bring Ellwood up and I’m sort of checking things out and guess what.. My best friend Shaniqua! I ran into her after all this time. She wants to take a picture of me with Ellwood. I kindly tell her no, that Ellwood just wants a picture of himself. Without me. I’m no too sure why he has an aversion to me, but hey, whatever floats your boat right?

So, here is a picture of Shaniqua with Ellwood.

Ellwood day 5 006

Then he wanted to look at himself in the Bean.

Ellwood day 5 007

So after the pictures, I caught up with my good friend. She is now living in Chicago and I believe she has lived here all her life. She doesn’t care for the women who work in an office full time and have nothing but time to eat, eat and eat. Oh well, I’m sure I will always have fond memories of our time at the bean together.

Ellwood day 5 008

This is a picture of the bean and the city. It’s a very beautiful city. I’m really glad we came. Right around this time, we start to hear thunder. And then we felt the rain. About this time, we’re looking for a taxi.I think that as soon as the rain starts, they leave if they don’t already have someone in their car. So it took us forever to find a taxi. by the time we got back, we were SOAKED. Then? We were again, in tornado warning area and flash flooding zones.

Let me tell you, I want to go home. With no tornados, or flash flooding, or thunder storms. I want the drizzle and the clouds.

Question of the day: Where is your favorite place in the US?


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