So we left Nauvoo today. We worked our way out to Carthage. Now, last night, there were tornado warnings and flash flood warnings. Being the Seattle girls that we are… we just went along our way, not really believing anything like that would happen to us. So I’m a believer now. With the flash floods that is.

On our way to Carthage, it rained. Like I was looking for the Ark raining. Oh and the thunder!! It would flash in front of us… and then we heard it at the same time… Yikes! There was water everywhere too. On the road, and then there was mud on the road too. There were machines to clean it up. We seriously wondered if we were going to be swept away.

Once we got to Carthage, we decided to go and get something to eat before we went on the tour. I called my husband who grew up in tornado land. Did I mention that we were also near tornado warnings too? So anyway, while I was on the phone with him, he was upset that I don’t know what clouds to look for and he started to tell me that if I see clouds that start to look like a funnel and at about that point, I chime in “If I see something that looks like a tornado, I’ll click my red heels three times and chant there’s no place like home.” He was so mad at me, I thought for a second that he had hung up on me. whoops? Anyway, he went on to tell me that if we are really stuck in a tornado, to get out of the car and get as flat as we can. Hey, what can I say? I’m an earthquake girl. That’s what I grew up practicing.

So onto the visitor center at Carthage. We ran into the same sweet sister that helped us out in Nauvoo. Elwood begged for a picture and she gladly accepted.

Ellwood day 4 007

He ah… then propositioned her…. That didn’t work out too well…. I got after him and then he told me he would be a good boy and wanted to have a picture with Sister Davis.

Ellwood day 4 008

Where he promptly pulled out some money. The little Pimp! I quickly stuffed him away to not be pulled out again for the rest of the tour. I swear, he will never learn! And to think that little turkey is my cousin!

So anyway, we went onto the jail where Joseph and Hyrum were martyred. It was a very interesting experience. Interesting in that I couldn’t sit and feel what I wanted because we got in a tour with a family reunion that had like 20 children all under the age of 10. Ok, now that’s fine. It was that they didn’t even try and quiet their kiddos and they were running around like wild little Indians. So I’ll share some of the pictures that we took there.

Ellwood day 4 005

This was taken as we come down the sidewalk towards the visitors center. The brothers’ and that’s the jail behind them.

Ellwood day 4 010

This is the main room of the house where the jailer and his family lived. At the time that the mob came, she was in here with her two young daughters. Bullets were actually shot at her and she was able to escape with her babies unharmed.

Ellwood day 4 013

This is the holding cell downstairs called the debtors cell. Joseph and the others to came with him were held here for the first day.

Ellwood day 4 016

This is the dungeon room. It was all closed in, and very hot in the summer time when Joseph and Hyrum were there.

Ellwood day 4 023

That is a picture of inside the bars of the dungeon room. This is where John Taylor was placed after the mob ran downstairs to see if they had killed Joseph. John was placed on the ground underneath the mattress and straw which coincidentally saved John Taylors life. It stopped the bleeding.

Ellwood day 4 018

This is the original door and yes, those are the bullet holes still in that door. Those bullets were the ones that actually killed Joseph. I have a different view of the other bullet hole.

Ellwood day 4 020

Ellwood day 4 021

This is the window that the Prophet Joseph Smith fell out of. He had been hit twice in the chest and those two other bullets that came through the door pushed him out of the window. The jailor’s family was nice to Joseph and his brethren. This room that he died in was the jailors bedroom.

Wow, what an experience. I cannot wait to bring my children back to this place. You can feel the spirit there and know that Joseph truly was a prophet of God.


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