You know you’re in a Mormon town when…

Nothing is open on Sunday except the Community of Christ tourism. So that’s what we did!

However, we went to eat lunch first. After sleeping 13 hours we were ready to get going and to see some sights. Except there was only one store open for lunch. So we went there. Ellwood got a picture with a chair outside the restaurant.

 Ellwood day 21 001

You know the movie “Dumb and Dummer?”  Yeah well, that’s who made our sandwiches. We asked them a couple of questions.. you know ABOUT their restaurant and all they could say was “I don’t know….um…. yeah, I’m not sure” No joke. Then their mother came out and she wasn’t sure either!! Oh well…. Then as we were getting into our car, we saw this lady in a Harley drive up and you’ll never guess who was riding with her? Ellwood’s ex-girlfriend. Don’t worry, they parted as friends so we quickly got a picture of the two of them together.

Ellwood day 21 003

So off we go to and visit the old house of Joseph Smith. Ellwood saw a car there from Georgia. He demanded a picture with the license plate. *sigh* (he’s so bossy)

Ellwood day 21 004

After that, we went in and saw their video that we have to watch before we can see the houses. We also paid a to get in to see them. I can understand that, not every church is as wealthy as the LDS.

We then were taken out to see where Joseph, Emma & Hyrum were buried.

 Ellwood day 21 005

After that, we drove around a little to see the town of Nauvoo. Being that the LDS church owns most of it, Sunday it was closed down. So we went around and took some pictures of Ellwood around Nauvoo.

Ellwood day 21 009

This is where they shoe the oxen. They give out free rides on oxen, and then they have free rides around town and in the woods. The carriage ride was the best of them. it was so awesome and fun. To learn more about it, go HERE.

There is also a road that leads to the Mississippi river and where the saints left. It’s called the Trail of Hope. Being that Ellwood’s cousin, my uncle is married to a Stout, this is for that side of the family.

Ellwood day 21 010

After that, Ellwood demanded that we take him to the Mississippi river as well and take some pictures.

Ellwood day 21 007

All in all, it was a pretty quiet day. Oh, I did get some pretty antique stuff. I’m starting a new trend for my living room. I haven’t told my husband yet. I’m sure he’ll disagree with me… but a girl’s gotta have her own room!

Question of the day: What are some activities you enjoy doing on Sunday?


One comment on “You know you’re in a Mormon town when…

  1. Benjamin says:

    A few antique items done correctly can really set up a room… I'll have to see what you come back with.

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