Cry Me A Liver!

You all have a brother right? Or a sister? Or someone you tormented when you were a teenager right? Well, that someone was my brother, Matthew. He’s married to Jeri.

Growing up, Matthew and I were the closest in age. We did hang around a lot together, but when we were at home, I loved to give him hell. And hell I gave him.

One day, I was making fun of him. Again. I would dance and make a funny voice and it would drive him insane. He would get so mad I swear, steam would come out of his ears. It would look like this:

steam coming out of ears

Well, as the steam was coming out of his ears, and his face was RED, he yelled at me “Sara, CRY ME A LIVER!” To which I burst out laughing in his face. Because… it’s not Cry me a liver, it’s Cry me a RIVER! hahahahahaha. So in honor of my older brother Matthew who by the way never reads this blog, but my other brothers do. HI JASON! HI EARL!! I’ve put a wonderful song on here. Enjoy.

If you cannot view video click here.

Question of the day: Any siblings that you tormented growing up or tormented you and you’d like to share? Please do.


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