Birthday Month

I’ve probably told you all before, but let me refresh your memory. June is the month around here for birthdays. This is how it goes:

June 14th: Lily

June 16th: Rosi (nanny second mama)

June 26th: Kjell

June 27th: Karl

June 28th: Lauren

June 29th: Joseph (Benjamin’s brother. I was thinking of the birthdays in WA. Sorry Joe *sniff*)

With the grandchildren, only one was actually DUE in June. Any guesses? And if you’re family and you actually know the answer, that doesn’t count. Mainly I’m talking about my mom and Jeri.

So we’ve been having some fun in the nursery.

003 This was actually taken on her birthday, which was this past Monday. No, she never smiles for the camera. Like EVER. She also had some chocolate. Yummmm, her favorite.

And then taken today Wednesday:


Because Kjelly is so in love with pirates. He has his hat, his eye patch and of course, his treasure map! (Yes, that’s me in the background. That is my office and yes, I get to see my baby all day long while she plays with Rosi. Spoiled, I know.)

And since it was Rosi’s birthday, I made her a birthday hat:


Question of the day: Do you have one month that has a lot of family happenings more than any other month?


4 comments on “Birthday Month

  1. Joseph says:

    Ummmmm You forgot mine. On the 29th.

  2. Sara says:

    Sorry cutie! I was looking at all the children when I was putting the dates in.

  3. Joseph says:

    It's ok. I forgive you. :) Of course… I AM one big child. :p

  4. Joseph says:

    Oh yeah, She got the not smiling thing from Benjamin. He hardly ever smiled when we took pictures.

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