Pill Lovin’ Girl

We’ve had issues in our house with pill taking. Like forever. With Kathryn. Lauren? Was taking pills when she was three. Kathryn, my sweet, sweet Kathryn… Just learned how to swallow pills this past week. We’re so proud of her!

So it started with trying to swallow M&M’s. Didn’t really work, but hey, it’s Chocolate!! Who cares if she can’t swallow that, they’ll just melt in her mouth. (not in her hands ;) ) Anyway, we’ve been working on it for years. Bawling. Wailing. Drama.Gnashing. Of teeth of course. Screaming. Drama. Crying. Door slamming. Drama, drama, drama.

Until earlier this week. She was eating a Jolly Rancher. She was pushed or something and she ended up swallowing the jolly rancher. Whole. I looked at her and said that if she can swallow a jolly rancher whole, then she can take a pill.

So a couple of days ago, she was telling me how bad her body ached. She asked me if she could take a Tylenol. I told her that I didn’t have any Tylenol and that I had an ibuprofen and she could take that. She said she would try. Then she saw how big the bottle was, and started getting antsy. “Um, Mom?” she said… voice quivering… “Yes honey?” I say. “Are those pills bigger than a M&M?” chuckling to myself, “No, honey, they’re smaller than a M&M.” I pull one out, give it to her and not believing that she’s going to be able to swallow it. She did. So I gave her another one.

She got so excited that she choked on it and trying multiple times before she could get it down.  I’m proud of her for getting over her fears of swallowing pills.

Question of the day: Any fears that you got over that you’d like to share?


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