Cake Wrecks, Here We Come

This is actually about Lily’s birthday party. Her theme was bubbles. bubbles, bubbles, and more bubbles. So I made her cake yesterday and put it in the freezer so it would be easy to frost the next morning. So I took the soccer cake pan that I had when I made a cake for Erik’s party a year and a half ago and made them to have half bubble cake.

So I get up this morning, take the cakes out of the freezer and made some frosting. I put the blue in and I guess I went a little crazy on the tinting… because the baby blue that I wanted turned into Cookie Monster blue. Meh, she’s 2. She won’t know. So I cut one of the cakes to slide in next to the one. I get it frosted, I’m pretty proud of myself that there are no crumbs. I save some frosting for spelling and the “reflection” on the bubble cake. Like I said, I’m pretty proud of myself. In walks Lauren and Kathryn. Lauren looks at the cake and says, “Mom, it looks like a butt.” Kathryn pipes up, “No! It looks like boobs!!” Grrrrrrrrrrrreat. My cake that I’m so proud of do look like boobs.

Lily's 2nd Birthday Party 263

So Jeri and her boys show up. They agree, my cakes looks like a pair of boobs. My mother shows up. Yup, Boobs. I cannot believe this. So much for the bubbles. *sigh*

*cough* Onto the rest of the day. Jeri came at about 11:20 to get everything set up because it started at noon. She brought the party gifts, the piñata, and the balloon game. Here she is getting all those things ready.

Lily's 2nd Birthday Party 268

Lily's 2nd Birthday Party 269

Lily's 2nd Birthday Party 272

My mother bought us a water table for the babies for the nursery at work. I swore I clicked the button to ship it to the office; however, it came here. So we decided to put it up for the kiddos. They love it.

Lily's 2nd Birthday Party 276

We then put her in her birthday outfit.

Lily's 2nd Birthday Party 285

She and Kjelly had a wonderful time playing in her new car that she got for her birthday a couple of weeks ago.

Lily's 2nd Birthday Party 322

Lily's 2nd Birthday Party 323

After we ate pizza, we did the piñata since the sun was out and we were afraid that the candy would melt.

Lily's 2nd Birthday Party 331

Both Benjamin and Jeri were telling her to tug one of the strings. She was just sitting there like, what??

Lily's 2nd Birthday Party 332

So Benjamin is helping her and Kjelly steps in to show her as well. Because you know, he’s a pro.

Lily's 2nd Birthday Party 336 They decided that they would do it at the same time. What you don’t see is the bigger kids wanting to pull the string that lets all the candy out. So we didn’t let them do it. I mean really, 2 are going to be 13 at the end of the month and one is 11 and the other one 8. After we thought that the littler kids had enough time, we let all the older ones pull one.

Lily's 2nd Birthday Party 346

Lily's 2nd Birthday Party 361

Again, since we only had the cousins together, I let them know that the babies were going to get the candy first. Kjelly was very happy to grab one piece at a time and eat it on the spot. Needless to say, his bag wasn’t all that big. :D

So after that, we played the balloon game. Jeri took objects and put them in the balloons and then the kids had to sit on them to pop them and get their loot.

Lily's 2nd Birthday Party 376

Lily's 2nd Birthday Party 378

Lily's 2nd Birthday Party 379

Lily's 2nd Birthday Party 380

As you can see, Kathryn and Erik have their hands full of loot. Kjelly prefers to show his loot a different way….

Lily's 2nd Birthday Party 368

Why Kjelly, what big teeth you have…..

On to the presents… Kjelly again liked to help. He thought they were all for him. So he naturally opened all the presents while Lily watched. She doesn’t really care about opening it. He does.

Lily's 2nd Birthday Party 435

Lily's 2nd Birthday Party 437

She got a grocery cart, a sit ‘in spin, a bubble lawn mower and some bath toys from Rosi, her nanny second mama. Even though it doesn’t look like it, she was really excited about everything.

Lily's 2nd Birthday Party 441

After opening presents, we had booby bubble cake. We sang Happy Birthday to her. We were all looking at her and she was a bit confused that she was getting all the attention. Yes, I’m blowing out the candles. She had no clue.Lily's 2nd Birthday Party 473

Lily's 2nd Birthday Party 479

And, since Kjelly thought we should have been singing to him, we re-lit the candles sang to him and let him blow out a candle too.

Lily's 2nd Birthday Party 474

We then played with bubbles.

Lily's 2nd Birthday Party 394

Lily's 2nd Birthday Party 387

Lily's 2nd Birthday Party 386

Lily's 2nd Birthday Party 396

Lily's 2nd Birthday Party 400

Lily's 2nd Birthday Party 404

Lily's 2nd Birthday Party 403

Lily's 2nd Birthday Party 407

Question of the day: Do you theme your kids’ birthday parties?


3 comments on “Cake Wrecks, Here We Come

  1. Michelle says:

    What a great party!! That is so funny about the booby bubble cake! LOLI themed one party a few times, but not much anymore. :(

  2. Very cute! Love all the pictures! And all the family! You are so lucky. :) I might theme a birthday party for Addie if she ever had one. Poor girl, we still haven't celebrated her birthday. I know, mom of the year right! It's just with 2 on the same day, and she's not old enough to know, and… oh well. Happy birthday Lily!

  3. LeaAnne says:

    LOL Sara…I totally can see them as bubbles, but as a pair – I agree….boobs =o)

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