To My 3 girls.

I love that you all get along. Yes, there will always be cat fights. You’re girls. You’re supposed to get into cat fights. However, I love that  you get along. That you all love each other. That you are willing to give things up so your sister can have it. I love that. I love that there is no yelling in our household and that we can talk everything out. Except for Lily. She loves to yell. Especially at Lexi. To STOP BARKING. Lily also asks us if we’re coming and if we don’t answer fast enough she starts to yell COMING?? COMING?? I love that you like to talk on Kathryn’s bed at night and talk about all the things that happened that day. I’m so grateful for the 3 of you.

Joys of June 013

Joys of June 014

Lauren is ready for me to stop. I just wanted to get one picture where they are all smiling and LOOKING at the camera. I never did get it. :D

Joys of June 019

See? Lily takes great pictures. Just like this one from this post.

Question of the day: Have a special relationship with one of your siblings? If so, care to share a funny memory of them?


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