A Girl and her Shoes

I am a shoe lover. It was really bad when I was younger. At one time in my late teens, I had over 70 pair of shoes. I’ve got two girls that are shoe lovers. Points on guessing who one of them is. The other one is Miss Lily. She loves loves loves shoes. We didn’t buy her her first pair of shoes until this past September. We had her in Robeez before that. Have I mentioned how fast her feet grow?? No? Well, they grow about a whole size every 3 month. So on Saturday (which is today but won’t post until Monday) we went to Nordstrom to get her shoes.

I hate shopping. I like to treat it like a race, get in, get out as fast as you can. I was dreading going to the mall on a Saturday. Everyone shops there on the weekend. So I was prepared to walk and walk and walk and walk. (Name that song) Anyway, I turned into the parking lot, went near Nordstrom and I turned and there was a car backing out. 3rd from the front. SCORE!! ROCKSTAR PARKING! So I get parked and we work our way to the store. Now, I never usually shop in Lynnwood. So I wasn’t sure where the childrens shoes where. We open the doors and SCORE! CHILDRENS SHOES!! I couldn’t have planned this better if I had tried.

She loved them. We tried on the first pair of shoes. I told her to walk around in them. She was all huh? So I took her hand, walked around with her a little bit and then we came back. They were a hit. So she got some church shoes.

Joys of June 005

I then saw some shoes I wanted to get her. They were so cute. I wanted them more than she did. they looked like this. They just didn’t stay on her feet very well. So we ended up getting her these shoes:

Joys of June 006 I’ve never heard of Saucony shoes before. I so came home and Benjamin said they  make really good running shoes. I’m all “huh” I don’t care. they’re pink and very cute. However she caught on real fast. By the time we tried on these pair of shoes, I told her to walk around and she ran around the chairs like it was a race.

Since we’re coming up on summer and I wanted her to have some nice water shoes. So of course, I had to get her some Keens. Which is really ironic because these are her favorite shoes but they’re also mine! She loves to wear these, she jumps around the house in them and stomps trying to make noise.


Joys of June 011

Question of the day: What are your favorite shoes and why?


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