2nd Drawer Down.

Everyone has one right? A Junk drawer? A place in their kitchen where they put everything into?

In our house, it’s called the 2nd drawer down.


2nd Drawer 001

All sorts of things are in the 2nd drawer down. Lily keeps the keys to her her new little tikes car in there. One day, she pulled it open and grabbed her key and put it in the ignition. She knew exactly where it was. Well, Friday I should have remembered that. I was getting ready for work and we’re all ready except I can’t find her shoes. I look everywhere. Nada. So, I take her to work in socks. No matter, it’s raining outside. If Rosi wants to take them for a walk, she goes into the stroller. The only minor thing in all of this is we have the school carnival and she needs the shoes. Any guesses as to where she put her shoes Thursday evening?

Yes, 2nd drawer down. However, in my defense… I don’t know how anyone can find anything in it.

2nd Drawer 002

See? My lovely tidy, always know where to find it junk drawer. Lauren found them. I swear they blended in with everything

Please I’m begging you, tell me you have a junk drawer in your house. Question of the day: Do you have your own 2nd drawer down?


One comment on “2nd Drawer Down.

  1. Anonymous says:

    everyone has a junk drawer. You should remember it as the bottom drawer in my kitchen.Once again I can not remember my password. You will have to tell me what it is tomorrow.

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