In all seriousness….

We couldn’t ask for a better nanny. Rosi truly loves our babies. She does rock them and kiss them and hug them. She takes them on walks. She sits and reads with them. She runs around the nursery with a horsey just like Kjelly and Lily runs after her. It is precious. She has a monthly color that the children work on. This month is orange. They love her. She loves them. We are blessed to have Rosi.

Rosi   Kjelly 1 Here is Rosi and Kjelly at the park. This day Rosi just had Kjelly. Lily was at home praying to the porcelain god that day.


Rosi   Lily Pink 3 Yes, Lily takes after her father. In a lot of her pictures, she looks stoned. I mentioned this to Rosi and she said it wasn’t her fault Lily takes terrible pictures. ha!

This is a good one….


May 2010 Lily Kjelly park 099

Rosi, we love you and are so glad you’re in our lives!

Question of the day: Who was your favorite babysitter growing up? If you didn’t have a babysitter growing up… are your parent’s still married? ;)


2 comments on “In all seriousness….

  1. Anonymous says:

    My parents are dead does that count? I didn't have a baby sitter. I tended myself.Mom. I can't get signed in to google. I will be anonymous

  2. Sara says:

    No Mom. That does not count. Let me guess, you also walked to school barefoot, uphill both ways in the snow, right?

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