It’s that time… Again.

The last concert of the year. We have three of them every school year. I had some fun. At the expense of Karl. I hope he understands.

So to begin, as the 7th graders come marching along to sit on the bleachers, I take turns yelling at them as they pass. I’m really annoying. It goes something like this.


Karl: Ducks his head and wishes for the floor to open up and swallow him.


Karl: Finally looks at me and mumbles “Hi Auntie Sara”

Then Lauren comes along.


Lauren: Laughing it off and says “Hi mom”

I wouldn’t do it to Karl if he didn’t react. Of course my mother is sitting two seats down and tells me to leave the children alone. Do you think I could? Yeah, I admit, I couldn’t leave it alone. I have proof.

June 2010 Concert 004

He won’t look at me. So of course I start calling his name and threaten that I’ll just keep calling his name until he actually looks at the camera. I did have my mother’s approval on this one. He finally looked at the camera.

June 2010 Concert 005

But since he was front and center and Lauren was not, I started taking a lot of pictures of him.

June 2010 Concert 011 Here he is playing his flute. That is Jeffrey sitting next to him. That is Lauren’s best friend.

June 2010 Concert 021

I even caught him looking at me.

June 2010 Concert 023

He was getting tired of it. So he made a plan to thwart me!!

June 2010 Concert 042 He grabbed the music stand….

June 2010 Concert 043

And hid behind it. Genius child.

Lauren on the other hand, loves for her picture to be taken and then she loves seeing it on the blog. She however had a sucky seat placement. So we were only able to get pictures of her when she stood.

June 2010 Concert 031 June 2010 Concert 016

After the 7th grade portion, all the Jazz band students went over to where they play and had to wait for the 8th grade portion of the concert. I found her playing with her reed.

June 2010 Concert 034

But then she caught on that I was taking pictures of her.

June 2010 Concert 035

So she wouldn’t look at the camera and instead of putting the music stand in front of her face, she just gave me a look and then wouldn’t look my way for the rest of the time. I mean she would, but then when she saw my camera up, she’d immediately look the other way.

June 2010 Concert 036

All in all, it was a fun concert. Fun if you call sitting your butt on hard plastic chairs for almost 3 hours.

Question of the day: Any special memories of your parent’s embarrassing you?

*Edited to add* The other question of the day… Do you have any special memories of your children embarrassing you?


3 comments on “It’s that time… Again.

  1. Love the blog-a-day! It's tough to do, but worth it. And yes, you gotta love those end-of-year concerts! Those looooong end-of-year concerts. The kids both look so grown up! Lauren is so beautiful! And she is actually starting to look like you! Can't wait to see the rest of your month!

  2. Sherrie says:

    What about children who embarass their parents?

  3. Bridget says:

    I love Karl's hair cut.

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