Last Day of Joys of June

So I wanted to post everyday in June. I saw two friends who did it and both of them at the end was, “I need a break!” So what’s wrong with me? I loved it. I truly enjoyed  talking about my daily activities and to post about them. I loved Ellwood. I thought after I promised myself that I would post daily in June that I had business out of state. 2 birthdays. Quarter end for my husband. Which means he was working close to 80 hours a week this month.

Some of my favorite posts were Ellwood, but I have to tell you, the best part of this month was when the cake I made for Lily’s birthday party made it on cake wrecks. I’m also really grateful that Lauren wants a cake from Dairy Queen. I’m saved from another cake wreck!

I’m also really glad that I wrote about Amy Lynne. I relive that day a lot so I won’t forget about her last day on this earth. Writing about it now makes it so I don’t feel like I have to remember

Every. Single. Detail.

I thought that working full time would make it so I didn’t have time to blog. I love Windows Live Writer. I could make posts days in advance and know that it would post. It’s a life saver.

I learned that I love to blog. I remember starting blogging and loving it and then running out of steam. One post a month. It was a chore. You know what though? I’ve learned to post for me. If I enjoy what I’m writing about, I frankly don’t care what other people think. Of course, I would never say anything about my family that would upset them. They count. I don’t have a private blog because I’m OK with others reading it. I have to tell you.

Sometimes, I wonder who YOU are. You know what though? I’ve been THAT person. The LURKER. Never the troll though. I mean really, you wanna bitch? Complain? Is your life so miserable that you can’t keep nasty comments to yourself?

My blog’s not private, but I did click the option in blogger to not be able to search for my blog. I mean, there are some people that I don’t really want them to find it.

I’ve decided that I want to blog more regularly. Lauren looked over my shoulder as I was writing this and was upset that I’m not going to blog everyday now. No, not everyday, but I’ll blog a lot more than I have. I want to be able to make this into a book, which by the way, I’ve heard rumors that you can do that. I would love for Lily to see this. I mean, I’ve been doing it for almost her whole life.

My biggest regret? That I wasn’t doing it when Amy Lynne was in the hospital. I regret not writing daily about her. I regret not having any good pictures of her and me together. Too many regrets. As soon as I was able, I got pictures of Lily and me when she was in the hospital.

Speaking of Lily, she had her well child check up yesterday. She is in the 72% for height. 90% for weight. 50% for her head. She is just right on target. Oh, and that’s if she was born at 40 weeks too. My Doctor, who by the way is the best doctor in the world… was looking at her eyes. I told her that we’ve already taken her to the eye doctor. She asked me if Lily had ROP. I told her no. She looked at me and I quote: “Of course Lily didn’t have ROP, she had no problems at all, you could probably give her a pound of mercury and she’d be just fine!” haha. She did tell me she was joking. That’s Lily for you. She’s stubborn, does things her way and speaks very well. You can totally understand her. When she wants to talk that is. She is silent around strangers. Oh, and when she’s in nursery at church. She refuses to talk then, too.

OK, so I guess the whole point of this last post was… there are more to come. I’ve enjoyed posting.

Instead of my question of the day, I’d like to give you all some advice of the day. (please don’t gag, I’m serious here.) Thinking about Amy Lynne always makes me think in eternal perspective. My advice to you is this: Take pictures with your family. Take the time to let your partner know how much you appreciate them. Take the extra time to read to your children. You never know if they’ll be here tomorrow. Enjoy your days to the fullest. Think of the positives. Let the negatives roll off your shoulders. Love your family.



OK, here’s the deal.

Ellwood? ISN’T REAL


We DID NOT pick him up hitch hiking.


Shaniqua? MADE UP NAME


Question of the day: Ever told such a story and it was actually believed by more than just your child???? (for instance, growing up, my mother was notorious for telling us that she was in the Opera and in the Army…) (No, we didn’t believe her)


It’s official. I am now the mother of a teenager.

Lauren Birthday

A very unhappy teenager to boot.

Her birthday present isn’t here yet. Shhhh, it’s a secret, but we got her one of these… and it doesn’t come until tomorrow.

Yes, she is nerdy. Very nerdy. I wonder what she’ll want for Christmas this year. This is what she got last year.  I’m assuming she’ll want one of these next.

Question of the day: What is your favorite toy?


Edit to add:

Lauren: Mom, I want to go and get some pumpkin pie for my birthday today.

Me: OK.

Lauren: We have to go to Albertson’s. They always have it.

Me: OK, let’s go.

Leaving Albertson’s with said pie.

Me: Oh, shoot, I forgot to get you candles so the whole office can sing Happy Birthday to you!

Lauren: Nah, that’s OK. If we put candles in it, it will ruin my pumpkin pie. I just want to eat the pie.

Me: Oooooooooook then. *Don’t mess with a girl and her pie!*

Home Again… Home Again


Here is Ellwood getting ready to come home. He is giddy with anticipation.

So we finally made it home. Barely. Going to the airport was just fine. Going through security? Peachy. Insulin? Fine. Antiques?? Great. We get out to our gate and we play the waiting game. However, when it came time to board, they didn’t board us. I don’t know what they were doing. They kept calling people up and giving them new tickets. We were wondering what was going on.


See? Ellwood is all ready to go!

So when we were supposed to take off, that’s when they finally got us boarding. Mom was in group 2 and I was in group 5. No, we weren’t sitting together. Did you know that they are sticklers for making sure that your carry on item actually fits into those little boxes? So I watched as people were getting on, she was making most everyone put their carry on in the bin. So I take out the computer and mom’s keyboard to her iPad and put it in my “purse” because we had all of our antiques on the carry on and there was no way we were going to check it. Too many good deals for them to throw it around down under.


So my group finally gets called and I board. What do you know, Ellwood jumps out and gets his seatbelt on.


Silly Ellwood. I guess he didn’t understand the lady when she announced that the plane was full. As in no extra seats.


So remember up above when I mentioned that we barely made it home? Well, American Airlines was having it’s issues with their planes yesterday. Well, our flight was booked solid because they were having issues with some of their planes and a couple of them broke down. So we all get on the plane, we’re all seat belted up, and it’s about 85 degrees in the cabin.


About that time, the captain comes on the PA system and announces that jet airplanes start their engines using the cooling system in the plane. And that ours was broken and they were trying to manually start the engines. I’m thinking…


What happens if the engines stall in the middle of the flight? Have you ever noticed that when they are giving you instructions in case of an emergency on a plane… They always talk about floatation devices? They never say anything about crashing into the nice Probably because there are usually no survivors. Oh yeah, my faith in American Airlines is great about this point.


Well, we made it home safe and sound. Late. Of course,  because everyone had to shove their carry one items to make sure there would be plenty of room. *rolls eyes*


Question of the day: Who is your favorite airline to fly with and why?

What A Day

Well, not really. Today was the start of our conference. We had lunch and then we heard a guy speak about technology and how we can use it better with our business. We did learn a lot. Just not any pictures. Since Ellwood doesn’t run a management company, he had to chill upstairs and watch TV while we were out a learnin’

Ellwood day 5 011

Question of the day: What is your favorite TV show?


So we made it to Chicago. It’s amazing that we did… We came the wrong way back as in we took I-80 instead of I-88. So sadly, I wasn’t able to go to the store that had the wonderful antiques. I seriously started to cry. I could have spent all day long in there. Think of a huge warehouse… crammed full of antiques. You literally had to move things to get to other things. I got a stroller there. I didn’t post about it because I hadn’t told Benjamin and I didn’t want him to find out on here. :) Now that he knows about it, look at Ellwood in my stroller…

Ellewood day 1 009

It is awesome, I swear!

So we got here and the weather started out terrible. It was raining and thundering like crazy. So we ventured out to the mall across the street. I bought some make-up (foundation) and I got all the presents for my family. I’ll post on Sunday all the presents I got. Great for another post! However, there was a Lego store there. Of course, Ellwood had to get some pictures. He’s sometimes such a picture/attention hog. Here he is with the Lego man.

Ellwood day 5 003

Next he wanted to play ball with some kids upstairs.

Ellwood day 5 001

Ready… Set…. Go!

Ellwood day 5 002

After that we went to Bloomingdales home store. It was OK in there. There were some wonderful ideas that we came home with, but in no way willing to pay what they wanted for it. I wonder how they stay in business. I mean really. It was 4 stories and there were only a handful of people in the store.

From there, we went to Millennium Park and saw….

Ellwood day 5 010


Ellwood day 5 004

I cannot tell you how excited I was to see it. Now, I needed to get close enough to take a picture without getting a picture of me… tricky is my middle name.

Ellwood day 5 005

I am actually in the bean… if you can see me, kudos to you. (not really). So after that, I bring Ellwood up and I’m sort of checking things out and guess what.. My best friend Shaniqua! I ran into her after all this time. She wants to take a picture of me with Ellwood. I kindly tell her no, that Ellwood just wants a picture of himself. Without me. I’m no too sure why he has an aversion to me, but hey, whatever floats your boat right?

So, here is a picture of Shaniqua with Ellwood.

Ellwood day 5 006

Then he wanted to look at himself in the Bean.

Ellwood day 5 007

So after the pictures, I caught up with my good friend. She is now living in Chicago and I believe she has lived here all her life. She doesn’t care for the women who work in an office full time and have nothing but time to eat, eat and eat. Oh well, I’m sure I will always have fond memories of our time at the bean together.

Ellwood day 5 008

This is a picture of the bean and the city. It’s a very beautiful city. I’m really glad we came. Right around this time, we start to hear thunder. And then we felt the rain. About this time, we’re looking for a taxi.I think that as soon as the rain starts, they leave if they don’t already have someone in their car. So it took us forever to find a taxi. by the time we got back, we were SOAKED. Then? We were again, in tornado warning area and flash flooding zones.

Let me tell you, I want to go home. With no tornados, or flash flooding, or thunder storms. I want the drizzle and the clouds.

Question of the day: Where is your favorite place in the US?


So we left Nauvoo today. We worked our way out to Carthage. Now, last night, there were tornado warnings and flash flood warnings. Being the Seattle girls that we are… we just went along our way, not really believing anything like that would happen to us. So I’m a believer now. With the flash floods that is.

On our way to Carthage, it rained. Like I was looking for the Ark raining. Oh and the thunder!! It would flash in front of us… and then we heard it at the same time… Yikes! There was water everywhere too. On the road, and then there was mud on the road too. There were machines to clean it up. We seriously wondered if we were going to be swept away.

Once we got to Carthage, we decided to go and get something to eat before we went on the tour. I called my husband who grew up in tornado land. Did I mention that we were also near tornado warnings too? So anyway, while I was on the phone with him, he was upset that I don’t know what clouds to look for and he started to tell me that if I see clouds that start to look like a funnel and at about that point, I chime in “If I see something that looks like a tornado, I’ll click my red heels three times and chant there’s no place like home.” He was so mad at me, I thought for a second that he had hung up on me. whoops? Anyway, he went on to tell me that if we are really stuck in a tornado, to get out of the car and get as flat as we can. Hey, what can I say? I’m an earthquake girl. That’s what I grew up practicing.

So onto the visitor center at Carthage. We ran into the same sweet sister that helped us out in Nauvoo. Elwood begged for a picture and she gladly accepted.

Ellwood day 4 007

He ah… then propositioned her…. That didn’t work out too well…. I got after him and then he told me he would be a good boy and wanted to have a picture with Sister Davis.

Ellwood day 4 008

Where he promptly pulled out some money. The little Pimp! I quickly stuffed him away to not be pulled out again for the rest of the tour. I swear, he will never learn! And to think that little turkey is my cousin!

So anyway, we went onto the jail where Joseph and Hyrum were martyred. It was a very interesting experience. Interesting in that I couldn’t sit and feel what I wanted because we got in a tour with a family reunion that had like 20 children all under the age of 10. Ok, now that’s fine. It was that they didn’t even try and quiet their kiddos and they were running around like wild little Indians. So I’ll share some of the pictures that we took there.

Ellwood day 4 005

This was taken as we come down the sidewalk towards the visitors center. The brothers’ and that’s the jail behind them.

Ellwood day 4 010

This is the main room of the house where the jailer and his family lived. At the time that the mob came, she was in here with her two young daughters. Bullets were actually shot at her and she was able to escape with her babies unharmed.

Ellwood day 4 013

This is the holding cell downstairs called the debtors cell. Joseph and the others to came with him were held here for the first day.

Ellwood day 4 016

This is the dungeon room. It was all closed in, and very hot in the summer time when Joseph and Hyrum were there.

Ellwood day 4 023

That is a picture of inside the bars of the dungeon room. This is where John Taylor was placed after the mob ran downstairs to see if they had killed Joseph. John was placed on the ground underneath the mattress and straw which coincidentally saved John Taylors life. It stopped the bleeding.

Ellwood day 4 018

This is the original door and yes, those are the bullet holes still in that door. Those bullets were the ones that actually killed Joseph. I have a different view of the other bullet hole.

Ellwood day 4 020

Ellwood day 4 021

This is the window that the Prophet Joseph Smith fell out of. He had been hit twice in the chest and those two other bullets that came through the door pushed him out of the window. The jailor’s family was nice to Joseph and his brethren. This room that he died in was the jailors bedroom.

Wow, what an experience. I cannot wait to bring my children back to this place. You can feel the spirit there and know that Joseph truly was a prophet of God.