She sure does love her WIIIIING!

So we like to give Lily early presents. I think it’s because I can’t handle waiting. Since she is turning 2 next month, we got her a couple of presents. We got her a little tikes car:


May 2010 080

She dreams about her car. In the middle of the night, she mutters “car” over and over again. This picture was taken right after she got up from her nap after church. She woke up very excited and ran out to the living room.

May 2010 082

And of course… she is  also the only almost 2 year old that I know of that gets road rage…

May 2010 095

In addition to the car, we got her a swing. We have a swing set and we took out the middle one and put her WING into it. She kept chanting it. WIIIIIIIIIING!! WIIIIIIIIIING!!


May 2010 117

May 2010 123

May 2010 141

She gets so excited to come home so she can wing. Except in the rain. We won’t let her wing in the rain. It’s very sad. She just sort of mopes around the house. In fact, she is looking at the screen right now and cooing because she see’s herself in the wing.


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