50% of my children have June birthdays

Lily, who will be 2. On the 14th. I cannot believe it. She went from this:


To this:


May 2010 Lily Kjelly park 078 Time flies when you’re having fun. We’ve decided to get her a little tikes car. They have a pink one in honor of their 30th anniversary.


Lauren, who will be 13 on the 28th. Yes, I will have a teenager. Dun dun dun…… who is an absolute delight. She does her homework, we’re relatively drama free, and she is almost as tall as me. And she loves to do her hair….


Lauren War Pain

And since she reads my blog, I’m not gonna tell you what we’re getting her for her birthday.  However, we’ll take pictures of when she opens it and post it on the blog. Let’s just say… I have one nerdy child.


2 comments on “50% of my children have June birthdays

  1. Bridget says:

    But you already got her a Kindle, right? Wasn't that Christmas? I'm not sure you can get any nerdier (or cooler) than that.

  2. Sara says:

    Bridget… Kathryn was the one who got the kindle at Christmas. Lauren received the laptop. Believe me when I tell you that what she is getting is way nerdier than even a kindle…

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