What my work days look like….

This is Kayla. I see her everyday when I come in.

Sometimes she’s working really hard:

Picture 633

And sometimes, she messes around:

Picture 634

She keeps us on our toes. She also answers the phones and does all the dirty work. Like tell people that there are fees that have to be paid upfront.

Then, there is Alice and Kathy. They work really hard.

Picture 630

Then, there’s Barb. She’s a bit complicated… Long story.

Picture 564

Then, there is Loralynn:


Picture 631

Yes, she’s missing. She goes missing a lot of the time. However, I got suspicious when Jeri went missing too…..

Picture 632 Where are those two? Are they missing together?


And then I found them. They were painting in the back storage area. I guess I missed the memo to wear green that day…

Picture 624

Picture 628 They decided to “antique” my mother’s cabinets for her kitchen that she is remodeling.

Picture 627

So after that, I decided to actually go back to my office and get some work done only to find this…

Picture 569 She painted her mouth red. Which is ironic… I never wear make-up. Then I saw the rest of her body and figured that the paint on the mouth was just a quirk.

Picture 571 Picture 581

They usually paint everyday. They also go on walks. They love them.


Picture 610 Yes, it is a regular occurrence for Kjelly to not have a coat or shoes…

Picture 621

After they come back from their walk, Lily makes faces at me.


Picture 561 Rosi, our nanny taught Lily how to make those faces.

And that is what my office looks like!

What does your office look like?


One comment on “What my work days look like….

  1. Bridget says:

    awesome…maybe I should do this the next time I think about going to my office…

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