She sure does love her WIIIIING!

So we like to give Lily early presents. I think it’s because I can’t handle waiting. Since she is turning 2 next month, we got her a couple of presents. We got her a little tikes car:


May 2010 080

She dreams about her car. In the middle of the night, she mutters “car” over and over again. This picture was taken right after she got up from her nap after church. She woke up very excited and ran out to the living room.

May 2010 082

And of course… she is  also the only almost 2 year old that I know of that gets road rage…

May 2010 095

In addition to the car, we got her a swing. We have a swing set and we took out the middle one and put her WING into it. She kept chanting it. WIIIIIIIIIING!! WIIIIIIIIIING!!


May 2010 117

May 2010 123

May 2010 141

She gets so excited to come home so she can wing. Except in the rain. We won’t let her wing in the rain. It’s very sad. She just sort of mopes around the house. In fact, she is looking at the screen right now and cooing because she see’s herself in the wing.



Mom, can Jeri and I come to Costco with you? We’d like to have hot dogs for lunch today.

*cough* $700 dollars later….  *cough*

Ok, we’ll take the food home real quick and then we’ll be back to work. So we stop off at my parent’s house and drop off the food for my mother. We then decide to take my food and the food that Jeri purchased to my house because we know that the food will be left alone. You know, we don’t want hungry children coming home from school to eat it all. We drop it off and then we go back to work.

*ring* Hello? Lauren’s sick? She needs me to come and get her? Tell her I’ll be there in 20 minutes.

So I go and pick Lauren up. We go home. I tell her that we have our food and Jeri’s food and that we had just went to Costco. I specifically showed Lauren what was Jeri’s and what was ours. I say, whatever you do, don’t touch that box right there.

So I go back to work and leave around 5, go and pick up Kathryn and then we come home. Guess what Lauren heard?


Um, Whoops?

May 2010 114


May 2010 115

So I made a trip to Costco and then to her house. So her family could eat cherries and raspberries. In hind sight, those cherries and raspberries were so good! I’m glad she opened them. Sort of.

50% of my children have June birthdays

Lily, who will be 2. On the 14th. I cannot believe it. She went from this:


To this:


May 2010 Lily Kjelly park 078 Time flies when you’re having fun. We’ve decided to get her a little tikes car. They have a pink one in honor of their 30th anniversary.


Lauren, who will be 13 on the 28th. Yes, I will have a teenager. Dun dun dun…… who is an absolute delight. She does her homework, we’re relatively drama free, and she is almost as tall as me. And she loves to do her hair….


Lauren War Pain

And since she reads my blog, I’m not gonna tell you what we’re getting her for her birthday.  However, we’ll take pictures of when she opens it and post it on the blog. Let’s just say… I have one nerdy child.

What my work days look like….

This is Kayla. I see her everyday when I come in.

Sometimes she’s working really hard:

Picture 633

And sometimes, she messes around:

Picture 634

She keeps us on our toes. She also answers the phones and does all the dirty work. Like tell people that there are fees that have to be paid upfront.

Then, there is Alice and Kathy. They work really hard.

Picture 630

Then, there’s Barb. She’s a bit complicated… Long story.

Picture 564

Then, there is Loralynn:


Picture 631

Yes, she’s missing. She goes missing a lot of the time. However, I got suspicious when Jeri went missing too…..

Picture 632 Where are those two? Are they missing together?


And then I found them. They were painting in the back storage area. I guess I missed the memo to wear green that day…

Picture 624

Picture 628 They decided to “antique” my mother’s cabinets for her kitchen that she is remodeling.

Picture 627

So after that, I decided to actually go back to my office and get some work done only to find this…

Picture 569 She painted her mouth red. Which is ironic… I never wear make-up. Then I saw the rest of her body and figured that the paint on the mouth was just a quirk.

Picture 571 Picture 581

They usually paint everyday. They also go on walks. They love them.


Picture 610 Yes, it is a regular occurrence for Kjelly to not have a coat or shoes…

Picture 621

After they come back from their walk, Lily makes faces at me.


Picture 561 Rosi, our nanny taught Lily how to make those faces.

And that is what my office looks like!

What does your office look like?