Yes, I know

Long time, no post. Benjamin and Lauren complained today. Grrrrreat, I’m in pain (waiting for the narcotics to kick in) and they want me to post about everything that has happened. Hold on to your seats!

So nothing really happened the first couple of weeks of January. January is one of the worst months of my job. I have to close down the books for the 2009 year and go over around 2000 GL accounts to make sure nothing is hokey about them or been misclassified.

Lily also turned 18 months in December, but we didn’t get into the pediatrician until the beginning of January. My poor poor preemie. She’s in the 70th percentile for height and the 77th percentile for weight and a mere 52nd percentile for her head. She’s also around 6 months ahead of her peers. It was really funny, that was my doctor who came in and declared my poor poor preemie. haha!

Then, the third Saturday in January, we had a party at our house. A bunch of teenagers came over from church. I made birthday cake for Caylin and homemade spaghetti and meatballs for everyone. It was a blast. They declared that we need to do this on a monthly basis. *sigh* I told them no, I can’t handle it every month. However, I could do it every other month. So next month, we’ll have the teenagers over again.

Then, the next Saturday, I had 2 of my young women over helping me with a project that I was to teach at the Beehive conference. One’s hours went to the new Honor Bee, and the others hours went to her 10 hour value project that she actually put in around 14 hours. Which brings me to the next weekend where I went and taught at the beehive conference and Caylin helped me teach the class.

In the midst of all of this, I went to the doctor three times and Kathryn had her well child check up and received 3 shots so she can go to middle school in the fall.


Lauren and Kathryn will both be at middle school next year? That feels really weird especially since my good friend Michelle taught Kathryn kindergarten and it feels like it was just last week!

Ok, so that brings me to this week. *WARNING* MAJOR TMI AHEAD! I had surgery on my uterus. I had a really hard delivery with Lily Rose and I had a lot of scar tissue. So they went in and preformed a novasure ablation which really means they took out everything and basically left me just a shell of a uterus. So, no more periods! Which sadly means no more babies either *WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA* but I already knew we were able to have any more children after Lily Rose anyway. It just makes me sad. I told Benjamin that if we could have, we’d have had about 2 more kids. I always wanted a big family. However, like I tell my kids, look at what you have and be grateful. I know there are people out there who just want 1. I’ve been able to have 4 kids. To which I am so grateful.

So here I am, one day out of surgery and I’m thinking that I’m doing so well! who needs drugs? And then they went out of my system. Whoa mama! So I took some more. And it’s taken me over an hour and a half to write this. And now I’m feeling much better. I love drugs. They are my friend when I’m in pain.

And on that note, I’m off to bed!

Question of the day: What is your drug of choice after surgery? And, if you’ve never had surgery, thank your lucky stars and tell me a fun story while I lay in bed playing with my new my touch. Which by the way. I loooooooooooooove it.