Pirates and Saxophones and Santa, Oh My!

So we’ve been busy! This will be a long post. I think.


First of all, at Maltby, the 5th graders each year have a pretty big play that they do. This year was all about pirates. Kathryn was a bit of a ham.

Picture 206

Picture 235

I think she enjoyed being in the play. If the pictures indicate anything…

One week later, Lauren and Karl were in their first band concert of the year. 3 solos were given out. Guess who got 2 of the 3 solos? Yup! Karl & Lauren. They did an awesome job and their names were in the program!

Picture 256

Here they are both standing up after their solos. No, we didn’t get front row. So my zoom lens was in between parents’ heads.

Picture 269

She is so pleased with herself.

Picture 271 

As he is too.


Onto the next day… We didn’t get pictures of Lily with Santa last year because of this….



So I wasn’t prepared for this…


Picture 301

And this:


Picture 300

She was willing to go to anyone except the guy in red.


However, we did get this afterward:


Picture 315

So, after that, we had our Annual Christmas Party at my mothers!

Some highlights are:

Sitting around in the living room while reading the birth of Jesus.

Picture 333

Making sugar cookies.

Picture 347

Picture 352

The importance of dental hygiene.

Picture 360

Making Gingerbread Graham Cracker Houses

Picture 374

Picture 371

Picture 380

And last but certainly not least….

Lily taking Skeeter’s tennis ball and not letting him have it. Poor dog followed her around the house just waiting for her to drop it. He is so gentle with her. He just rips it out of my dad’s hand when he has it.  (Please excuse the red eye. It’s after 10 at night. I simply just want this posted)

Picture 383

Picture 378

Question of the day: Do you have any fun family traditions that you would like to share?


One comment on “Pirates and Saxophones and Santa, Oh My!

  1. Bridget says:

    We reenact the story of Christ's birth on Christmas Eve. For the last 6 years Tymon and I have been Mary and Joseph and our current baby is the Christ child. Jocelyn will probably get to be Jesus two years in a row…our shepherd boys love their jobs and dressing up, too.

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