Yes, my Children Are Spoiled (Brats)

Lauren’s Santa List:

  • Laptop,
  • saxophone tuner,
  • runescape subscription,
  • kindle,
  • wireless mouse
  • Target gift card

Kathryn’s Santa List:

  • Kindle
  • Laptop
  • Visa Gift Card (For kindle books)
  • Guitar & picks
  • Polly pockets
  • Crazy socks
  • earrings
  • Necklace

Lily’s Christmas List:

  • Lots of toys
  • Guka’s! (pacifier)

Lauren got everything minus the kindle. Her list was short. Kathryn actually had around 30 things on her list. Just to you know, give Santa loooooooooots of choices, so I didn’t list all of her stuff. She did not get a laptop, guitar & picks. However she got everything else. Lily was the easiest since she really didn’t make up a list… so she got everything on her list because I made it! haha!  Before you think that Santa got them alllll this stuff, he didn’t. My mother and Jeri got them some of the stuff on the list too.

IMG_0856 Lily very excited that she got some toys!


IMG_0852 Lauren walked over to her loot and couldn’t believe she actually got a laptop!


IMG_0919 Kathryn showing off her light that goes with her kindle so she can read after the lights are out.


IMG_0905 She is so excited about this thing that Santa got her. When she is upstairs, she wants it upstairs. When we go downstairs? Yup, we have to take it downstairs. We’ve easily brought it up and down about a dozen times already. (Well, maybe only 3 times, but it SEEMS like a dozen)

IMG_0980 Here is Benjamin right before he opened his new fancy leather case for his laptop. I had to post this picture. It’s SUCH a Benjamin picture.  He also got a picture of the mariners and safeco field and a wii game and 2 PS3 games.

Most spoiled of all? I would have to say me. It doesn’t happen very often.  I got this from Benjamin and my mother gave me a one of a kind opal necklace. It is gorgeous. It sort of looks like an Australian opal and even may be. I’m not sure. We bought it from one of our Board president’s husband who makes jewelry for a living. So he gave my mother a great price. It is Amy Lynne’s birthstone. There are some earring that match it… and I really want them. Yes, that is a HUGE hint to my honey. You know, valentines day is coming up in about 6 weeks…

Merry Christmas to all, and to all, a good night!


Pirates and Saxophones and Santa, Oh My!

So we’ve been busy! This will be a long post. I think.


First of all, at Maltby, the 5th graders each year have a pretty big play that they do. This year was all about pirates. Kathryn was a bit of a ham.

Picture 206

Picture 235

I think she enjoyed being in the play. If the pictures indicate anything…

One week later, Lauren and Karl were in their first band concert of the year. 3 solos were given out. Guess who got 2 of the 3 solos? Yup! Karl & Lauren. They did an awesome job and their names were in the program!

Picture 256

Here they are both standing up after their solos. No, we didn’t get front row. So my zoom lens was in between parents’ heads.

Picture 269

She is so pleased with herself.

Picture 271 

As he is too.


Onto the next day… We didn’t get pictures of Lily with Santa last year because of this….



So I wasn’t prepared for this…


Picture 301

And this:


Picture 300

She was willing to go to anyone except the guy in red.


However, we did get this afterward:


Picture 315

So, after that, we had our Annual Christmas Party at my mothers!

Some highlights are:

Sitting around in the living room while reading the birth of Jesus.

Picture 333

Making sugar cookies.

Picture 347

Picture 352

The importance of dental hygiene.

Picture 360

Making Gingerbread Graham Cracker Houses

Picture 374

Picture 371

Picture 380

And last but certainly not least….

Lily taking Skeeter’s tennis ball and not letting him have it. Poor dog followed her around the house just waiting for her to drop it. He is so gentle with her. He just rips it out of my dad’s hand when he has it.  (Please excuse the red eye. It’s after 10 at night. I simply just want this posted)

Picture 383

Picture 378

Question of the day: Do you have any fun family traditions that you would like to share?

Early Christmas Gift…

So my mother got Lily a chair with an ottoman. She was so excited about it! So I took a couple of pictures of her in it. I couldn’t resist. I had to post them!

Thanksgiving 142

Thanksgiving 179

She just loooooooooves her new chair!


I’ve just been called as the Personal Progress Leader for our ward. I want to start a blog for the girls and their families to go to for some ideas and what we’re doing in YW.

I need some ideas as to the name of the new blog. My ward is Maltby…

Ideas would be greatly appreciated!


Come on! Whine! Please don’t make me feel like I’m the only one who hates Mondays! (even if it’s true)

I need just one more day to stay at home and clean the rest of my house! In fact, couldn’t we convince someone that our work weeks are Tuesday-Friday??

Please, tell me why you don’t like Mondays.