My new Toy & other things

Ok, so I’ve worked hard for this and we bought a canon, just like Cortney told us to. Oh my oh my, am I in loooooooove. I’ll have to start taking a lot of pictures once I figure the thing out. Which should be in about oh, a year or so. ;)

In other things…

Lily’s newest trick is to wave at you and say “See ya” before she slams the door in your face so she can have some alone time. Really, the alone time is so she can get into things she knows she isn’t allowed to get into. For example, the other morning, she was opening her middle drawer on her dresser and she is only allowed to open the bottom one. I don’t want it falling on her, but she doesn’t know that. Anyway, I kept telling her no. She then pushed me out the door, said “See Ya” and then tried to slam the door in my face so she could play her with dresser. I tell ya, that child sometimes… Oh, and she loves to play soccer. She runs around the office kicking her ball.

Oh, Kathryn has a vitamin D deficiency and so she now has to take a huge supplement of the stuff. They aren’t sure if that has been causing all the bones breaking, but they want her to get more of the stuff.


3 comments on “My new Toy & other things

  1. Bridget says: this one out Sara. It was good to see you this morning last night? Whatever.

  2. Cortney says:

    Ah hah! That is awesome! I'm not sure how I missed this post–but I'm so glad you're liking your camera! I can't wait to see the pictures you're taking. It was so good to see you tonight!

  3. carlen says:

    yay for you! you got a canon!!! what model? have fun with it!!! sounds like cute Lily keeps you on your toes! but how can you write about a new camera and a mischevious little girl in the same post without a PICTURE??? girl, that just aint right!

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