Tell me why you don’t like Mondays…

OK, so here it is, another Monday.

Tell me Why you don’t like Mondays.

I don’t like Mondays because I was scrapbooking alllll weekend long and I wasn’t smart enough to take today off to recoup from this crazy weekend!

Did you know that scrapbookers are sometimes a nasty lot? I call them the stay-at-home-mom’s-who-have-nothing-better-to-do-than-be-nasty-because-they-have-no-life-and-they-identify-themselves-to-everything-else-rather-than-who-they-truly-are. And no, I don’t think that all stay at home moms act like this. Just most of the scrapbookers that I run into there.


4 comments on “Tell me why you don’t like Mondays…

  1. I am glad I don't scrapbook :)

  2. Sherrie says:

    On Becky you really don't scrapbook? We need to talk to you. I in general don't like Mondays because of all the emails people send in over the weekend… UGH

  3. Michelle says:

    I used to scrapbook, but haven't for a long time because I didn't have anyone to do it with… I guess I use blogger and facebook mostly now.I hate Mondays because I have to get up early. If it was in the summer, I wouldn't hate Mondays so much.

  4. Cortney says:

    I don't like Mondays because my husband goes back to work and leaves me home alone with the kids again. I love my children, I just love them better when I have help around. :)

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