Just a Few Reasons Why I Married Benjamin

10/28  Baby!

  1. He has TONS of patience.
  2. He rarely yells.
  3. He’s a good kisser ;)
  4. He gets up with Lily in the middle of the night.
  5. And in the mornings.
  6. Even though he sometimes grumbles.
  7. He puts up with my mother
  8. Even when she wants him to move her computer multiple times.
  9. Yes, more than once.
  10. He takes the girls’ to baseball games.
  11. And my nephews to the baseball games.
  12. And hockey games.
  13. He yells really loud at the hockey games.
  14. He does the dishes.
  15. He is really smart.
  16. Especially at math.
  17. This is a really good thing because he can help Lauren with hers.
  18. And Kathryn.
  19. He helps me with excel when I have a problem.
  20. He helps me figure out percentages.
  21. Even though I know how to do them.
  22. But am too lazy to figure them out.
  23. He can type really really fast.
  24. He writes really good things.
  25. He wrote this about our daughter.
  26. I never could have
  27. I would want to, but I’m not as eloquent.
  28. He loves my older daughters’ as though they were his blood.
  29. Which sometimes I wonder if he does forget.
  30. He said Lauren got some trait from him one time.
  31. It was really cute.
  32. My mother and I laughed.
  33. Have I mentioned that he has a LOT of patience?
  34. And puts up with my family?
  35. And is OK spending that night at my parent’s house for Christmas.
  36. When there really is no room.
  37. He exercises his Priesthood in the home.
  38. He has baptized both Lauren & Kathryn
  39. And given Amy Lynne & Lily their names and a blessing.
  40. He will baptize Lily when she turns 8
  41. No, he has no choice in the matter.
  42. Yes, he knows he has no choice in the matter
  43. He puts up with me.
  44. I’m sometimes not the easiest to get along with.
  45. Especially in the mornings.
  46. Or when I’m hungry
  47. Or when I’m tired.
  48. Or when I’m having a low blood sugar.
  49. Seeing a trend?
  50. Happy Anniversary Benjamin. Here’s to many more years to come!

3 comments on “Just a Few Reasons Why I Married Benjamin

  1. Benjamin says:

    I need a "likes this" button. I love you Honey!! You're so awesome. Happy 10/28.

  2. Awww, you guys are cute. Congratulations!

  3. carlen says:

    SWEEEEEEEET! cutest anniversary post i've ever seen! you two are a match made in heaven for sure! happy {belated} anniversary!

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