Just a Few Reasons Why I Married Benjamin

10/28  Baby!

  1. He has TONS of patience.
  2. He rarely yells.
  3. He’s a good kisser ;)
  4. He gets up with Lily in the middle of the night.
  5. And in the mornings.
  6. Even though he sometimes grumbles.
  7. He puts up with my mother
  8. Even when she wants him to move her computer multiple times.
  9. Yes, more than once.
  10. He takes the girls’ to baseball games.
  11. And my nephews to the baseball games.
  12. And hockey games.
  13. He yells really loud at the hockey games.
  14. He does the dishes.
  15. He is really smart.
  16. Especially at math.
  17. This is a really good thing because he can help Lauren with hers.
  18. And Kathryn.
  19. He helps me with excel when I have a problem.
  20. He helps me figure out percentages.
  21. Even though I know how to do them.
  22. But am too lazy to figure them out.
  23. He can type really really fast.
  24. He writes really good things.
  25. He wrote this about our daughter.
  26. I never could have
  27. I would want to, but I’m not as eloquent.
  28. He loves my older daughters’ as though they were his blood.
  29. Which sometimes I wonder if he does forget.
  30. He said Lauren got some trait from him one time.
  31. It was really cute.
  32. My mother and I laughed.
  33. Have I mentioned that he has a LOT of patience?
  34. And puts up with my family?
  35. And is OK spending that night at my parent’s house for Christmas.
  36. When there really is no room.
  37. He exercises his Priesthood in the home.
  38. He has baptized both Lauren & Kathryn
  39. And given Amy Lynne & Lily their names and a blessing.
  40. He will baptize Lily when she turns 8
  41. No, he has no choice in the matter.
  42. Yes, he knows he has no choice in the matter
  43. He puts up with me.
  44. I’m sometimes not the easiest to get along with.
  45. Especially in the mornings.
  46. Or when I’m hungry
  47. Or when I’m tired.
  48. Or when I’m having a low blood sugar.
  49. Seeing a trend?
  50. Happy Anniversary Benjamin. Here’s to many more years to come!

Happy Birthday, Amy Lynne


3 girls

Yes, I know I’ll see her again. Yes, I’ll get to raise her again. Yes, she is a perfect spirit. Yes, she is sealed to us.

But, I’ll never get to raise her with my other children. I’ll never get family pictures with all of us in the picture. I’ll never get to dress her and Lily up in identical dresses. And yes, I’m still bitter about that.


She was a bit psycho off that day…..


Picture 236


hahaha, actually, we had been to our Eye Dr. and one eye recovered faster than the other. This was of course, about three or four years ago. 

Are you SURE she’s a preemie?

“I mean, how much did she weight at birth?”

“Well,” I said, “She was 3 pounds 1 ounce and then dropped down to 2lbs 8oz” “hmmm” my Dr. says… “ I guess she really was a 29 weeker. But don’t you know, sometimes, they think they are a 29 weeker and really, they weigh 4-5 pounds…


29 weekers aren’t this healthy!? I mean, they have feeding issues, lung issues, even cerebral palsy! She shouldn’t be saying all these words, she shouldn’t be climbing on everything. She is way advanced. You got lucky.”


This is Lily and I when she is about 5 days old. I am doing “Kangaroo” care.  She weighs under 3 pounds in this picture. However, she doesn’t need oxygen. She is on room air with her nasal cannulas. Truly, a miracle.

And all I could think to myself is… I deserve this. I needed a healthy baby. I needed a baby who was OK. We’ve taken her to the eye Dr. twice now. All is good in that department. Her 3rd dentist visit was yesterday. He wants us to keep bringing her back with the older girls. However, her teeth are just fine. Sometimes, if a baby is born too early, their teeth never got the chance to develop correctly and they will need caps on their teeth. We’re OK with her teeth! (Usually the capping is for preemies born between 24-28 weeks, but I’m not taking the chance)

So to recap, when Lily was 12 months old, gestation, she was 9 months. So at her 15 month check up where I had this conversation with her pediatrician, she would have been a year old. At her well child check up at 12 months, she was across the board, 25%. Fast forward three months… Her head is in the 52 percentile, her weight is in the 78th percentile. Yes, 78th PERCENTILE, and her height was in the 32nd. She gained over 5 POUNDS in three months. That’s my girl! Her feet are as big as Kjelly’s, and she weighs more than him too. Now she just needs to grow in height!

Lily and Lexi Window

She started walking in August and she climbs on everything. In fact, in the Doctor’s office, the nurse was asking me if she climbed on anything. At that point, she turned around and Lily had climbed on the biggest chair and she was waving her body back and forth. She says:

Hi, bye-bye, Lau-Lau(for Lauren), Mama, Dada, Bottle, Garbage-we even taught her how to throw away her diaper! Score for us! She gives us high 5’s. When I change her bum, she wants wipes and she helps me wipe her bum. She is very interested in the toilet and wants to use it. Which, by the way, I’m VERY excited about.

Lily Logan UT

Lily Blessing Gown

I was going through my pictures and this is a picture of Lily in her blessing dress. We were trying to get some of her at the office. I lovingly call this the “Amish” look with the way her bonnet is positioned. haha! that was a year ago. My, how she has grown.

In other news with the older ones, Lauren is in Jazz band and the Pep band. She also started a study group with her friends for them to help each other out being in AP math. I personally think she is crazy to do all of this, but I think she has my mother’s genes… go, go, and well… go.

Kathryn is in 5th grade, and we have the most awesome teacher. I’m really glad. Kathryn is turning into a homebody, like her mother. She loves to read and lay in bed with me when I am resting. She, more than anyone, can make Lily laugh.

Amy Lynne would have been 3 this month. Dang, I miss that child.

Benjamin and I will celebrate our 4 year Anniversary later this month. despite the fact that he thinks we were married in December.

That’s if for now. I do have some pictures that I still want to post and share of our family vacation allllll the way back in July. Some of them are really irresistible. You’ll understand when you see them. For now, I’m off to bed!

Question of the day: Most memorable story of your most recent vacation?