Late is Better Than Never…. Right?

So I finally got some pictures off of my mother’s camera!!! I have pictures of Lily’s 1st Birthday party. I know there are family members who live far away that probably might like to see them.

Since Lily’s birthday was in June and it was nice out, we pulled out the slip ‘n slide for the kids. All had fun!


Here is Kathryn taking Kjelly down first. DSC_0112

Here is Karl and Kjelly.


Kathryn having a blast.


Now Lauren… and we can’t forget….



Did I say all were having fun? Oops….



Kjelly decided that he didn’t like it so much… Of course, Lily was too small to play in the water. So we let her play in her cake instead…




Yummy! She sure did like it. Alice & Amanda came (from work) Deannette came (nanny) Teresa came (mom’s childhood friend) and of course Grandma & Grandpa and last but certainly not least! Auntie Jeri, Karl, Erik & Kjelly. It was an awesome time.

I can’t remember if I blogged about it, but she is in the 25th percentile across the board for weight, height & head circumference.

Anyway, that’s all I can think of for now. More pictures to come! Yay!!


One comment on “Late is Better Than Never…. Right?

  1. The picture of her eating the cake is awesome!

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