Late is Better Than Never…. Right?

So I finally got some pictures off of my mother’s camera!!! I have pictures of Lily’s 1st Birthday party. I know there are family members who live far away that probably might like to see them.

Since Lily’s birthday was in June and it was nice out, we pulled out the slip ‘n slide for the kids. All had fun!


Here is Kathryn taking Kjelly down first. DSC_0112

Here is Karl and Kjelly.


Kathryn having a blast.


Now Lauren… and we can’t forget….



Did I say all were having fun? Oops….



Kjelly decided that he didn’t like it so much… Of course, Lily was too small to play in the water. So we let her play in her cake instead…




Yummy! She sure did like it. Alice & Amanda came (from work) Deannette came (nanny) Teresa came (mom’s childhood friend) and of course Grandma & Grandpa and last but certainly not least! Auntie Jeri, Karl, Erik & Kjelly. It was an awesome time.

I can’t remember if I blogged about it, but she is in the 25th percentile across the board for weight, height & head circumference.

Anyway, that’s all I can think of for now. More pictures to come! Yay!!


Who in the HELL is Melanie?

So I was up late reading my kindle. I had a book on there and it dragged for the first half for me, and then picked up the last half. Well, I got to the last half last night… So around midnight, I finally turn off the light after finishing my book…

*snoring peacefully*


I am woken to Benjamin yelling MELANIE! Now he didn’t just merely yell Melanie, he ripped up out of bed too. Before I’m even awake, I’ve grabbed Lily and I am shielding her because I don’t know what is going on. I just know something is wrong. I’ve been woken out of an almost deep sleep. My heart is pounding, I have the baby in my arms and Benjamin is panting like he’s just run a mile in 4 minutes.

I’m groggy and I ask him what just happened. I still haven’t processed the Melanie part. He tells me that he’s had a nightmare and that people were trying to break into our room and they were going to shoot us. (Notice he doesn’t mention Melanie?)

So I say… You shouted Melanie. He’s all… hmmm, I need to go to the bathroom. I’m too tired to care. I lay back down and feed the baby (she’s awake now too) I feed her, we both go back to sleep.

So… come morning, he’s already up and helping Lily, I finally come around and I demand  sweetly ask who Melanie is. His words exactly? “Yeah, I knew you were going to ask that” My thoughts? Yeah and you’ve had an hour to come up with a really good excuse…  He tells me that he doesn’t know a Melanie and doesn’t  know why her name came out.

So I think this whole thing is funny… I go to the office and tell my mother and Jeri and Jeri says, “You need to blog about this!” Great idea Jeri! Benjamin? He’s not too thrilled and told me that if he didn’t like something, he would come in and edit it. To this I say… if he edits anything, he’s not allowed to delete anything, but to bold his editing. ha!

So I came home and during cooking dinner we’re talking about it again and I say to him “You weren’t going to mention yelling out her name to me were you?” He gave me a look of Do I have dumb tattooed on my forehead?

So if you know of a Melanie… Let me know. ;)

This is MY Weekend!

So we had our family reunion this past week. We started off over a week ago on Wednesday and drove. My whole little family and you know what? Lily hated it. We have never taken her more than a couple of hours away from home. She soooo did not like her car seat after 4 hours. I was pleasantly surprised that she lasted that long. I’m sure you don’t want a play by play of the two days of driving on the way down with her. So I’ll skip it.

On Thursday, I met up with some friends. Julie and Carmel. I’m not linking Carmel because her blog is private. It was good to see Carmel after 4 years! We met up at Willow’s Park & Zoo and the kids had a great time. After Julie left, I wanted to go to the temple. Of course, it was closed down for the month of July for construction so we couldn’t even get on the grounds, but we sat in the grass along the sidewalk.

From there, we went to SLC. We almost had to save my mother, we had it all planned… She was having troubles with her rental car and not having her itinerary printed off. However, she fixed it and in no time (haha) we were in Thursday, three day weekend traffice and it took us an extra hour to get to our hotel. We arrived and it was pretty nice for my little family.

To kick things off, on Friday evening, we went to Buca di Beppo where I sat next to my cousin Billy and his family. Over the course of the evening, he told me his calling was in the Bishopric. Of course, I didn’t belive him, I thought he was pulling my leg. So I asked around to everyone and yup, they all confirmed it. It’s just so hard to think of my cousin in the bishopric when he’s my age!

The next day, we all met up where my mother and uncle went to school and we got our t-shirts. On the front is a skull with the name Boyle on it and on the back were the words “Grateful Dead Tour 2009, Boyle” I’ll get you some picutes. They are way cute and courtesy of my Uncle Bill. THANKS UNCLE BILL!

So I bet you’re wondering about my title… My cousin Becky, has two boys. One is 2? 3? (Sorry Becky, not too sure how old Spencer is) and Colin is around 8 months old. Now, Becky is all about schedules. They eat at certain times, and the babies nap at certain times. She pushed, I mean “politely handed” the baby into Ryan, her husband for him to take the kids back to the hotel for nap times. Her motto all weekend long was “It’s MY weekend!” So I joked all weekend long with her. I even at one point looked at Benjamin and said, “It’s my weekend!” To which he replied, “Isn’t every weekend your weekend??” Heh… he has me there.

We had a great time. It was so fun to see all of my cousins that I haven’t seen in forever and it was good to see Billy and his family again. Lauren loves Brenner, their little boy. That’s all she talks about. :)

Some funny things over heard and conversations had…

While at breakfast one of the mornings, we saw on the news an athlete that was accused of some things… I was asking Benjamin about him and we talk in “code” when we’re around the girls. There are some things they just don’t need to know or learn yet. Anyway, they know about the “code” talk and are always trying to figure it out. So it went something like this…

Sara: What did he do?
Benjamin: Think Kobe Bryant.
Sara: Ahhhhhh
Kathryn: Are you two talking about Asteroids??
Benjamin & Sara: Confused blank stare.
Lauren: Don’t you mean steroids??
Benjamin & Sara: *light bulbs come one* Ahhhh, no.

We all laughed at that. It of course had to go on the blog.

Of course Becky’s statement of “It’s my weekend!!”
Chrissy’s “Sara… I feel for you. Right in between Matthew and Earl… However did you survive??”
Lauren at breakfast wanted to know how exactly Michael Jordan had died. We informed her that it was Michael Jackson, not Jordan who had died. Her response?? “Whateverrrrr”

One of my favorite happenings of the reunion? When Lauren sneaked into the picture with Uncle Bill, and his family. hahahahahaha

My cousins love the ridiculous arguments between my mother and I. Which by the way, I have a new one up today. It’s from today… I commented that we have our best arguments when I’m in the car with her.

It was an awesome weekend and I’m so glad my mother had such a great idea to have it. She is after all, the World’s Smartest Woman.