NO Salt! No Garlic!

So I took Karl home with me on Tuesday because there was a combined mutual activity. With all my kids being sick, I wasn’t at church on Sunday to know what the activity was. So we decide that we’re going to have Pizza! Pizza! for dinner. I take all the kids, grab the food and race home so we’ll have enough time to get there in time.

So we’re at home, trying to finish up and Benjamin has another piece of pizza. All of a sudden, Karl looks at Benjamin and says “Uncle Ben! You can’t eat that!” We both look at him like he’s nuts. “Why not Karl?” Karl says will seriousness…. “You’re not allowed to eat salt!”


Karl goes on to say, “Not only are you not allowed to eat salt, but you can’t have garlic either!”


Benjamin tells him that he can have it and Karl looks at us and is all, “I thought he couldn’t eat that anymore?”

*Light bulb comes on*

Oh!! No Karl, Uncle Ben needs to watch his carb in take… He can have salt and garlic.

And the Vermillion household was in peace again. Eating salt and garlic…

And then we get to the activity… which was a BBQ… *sigh*