Tooth, Teeth, Toofers?

So Lauren lost another tooth. I told her since the five dollars are still on the counter, that the tooth fairy wasn’t going to come. Her tooth? Still in my purse and no, the tooth fairy didn’t come.

Kathryn lost a tooth a couple of weeks back. The tooth fairy did come. However, the tooth fairy stole the money that Benjamin had on the ledge in the living room. Kathryn announced that the tooth fairy can’t be real since it was “daddy’s money!” However, I told her that in this economy, the tooth fairy was going to take whatever measures she could take and if there was money laying about in our house, she was going to take that instead of using her precious money. Folks… I have a doubter on my hands.

Lily got her first tooth! Lots of drool, and crying and it finally broke through! No bulging gums, nothing. One day there was nothing and the next day, you could feel this little tooth. It is slowly growing in on her bottom left. We being the paranoid parent’s that we are, took her to the dentist twice. Hey, she’s a 29 weeker and I wanted to make sure that her teeth were OK. Everything else is OK with her, and knock on wood, so are her teeth! However, the dentist thought she would get her upper teeth first. When we’re able to actually get a picture, I will post it. She’s 11 months old today, so all in all, we’re grateful for teeth.

Mother’s day came and went with me being sick. I finally drug myself to the doctor and I have a double ear infection and strep throat. Benjamin made breakfast burritos and they were delish!  My girls’ made it a special day. As always, Amy Lynne was missed greatly. She would be 2 1/2 and I’m sure quite the terror of the house.


Question of the day- How old were you/your child(ren) when they got their first tooth?


One comment on “Tooth, Teeth, Toofers?

  1. Sorry you were sicky-poo for mothers day! No fun!Hmmm, Addie was 9 1/2 months when her first little guy popped up, followed closely by #2, and just Sunday #3 up top! Hope your feelin’ better soon!

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