Putty and Why You Shouldn’t Buy It

So Erik hurt himself really bad Sunday night. Everyone was freaking out. He cut his hand down to the bones. I was at the ER with Jeri, Erik and my mother until Matthew could get there and I could go home. We went there at 7pm and Matthew was able to come around 10pm. So by the time that I got to Jeri’s house where all the kids were, I decided to take Karl home with me. Needless to say, there were very worried about Erik and as a result, didn’t sleep much. So I let Lauren and Karl stay home. Alone. At my house.

At the time, I thought it was an OK idea.

Baaaaaaad idea.

As I left them, I reminded them to not play with matches, don’t turn our stove on (it’s gas and having problems lighting up), don’t open the door to strangers- you get the idea. Now, they are both going to be 12 next month. They both have their own cell phones. Not a problem.

Again, baaaaaad idea.

Benjamin called to check on them and Karl being the smart one replied to Benjamin when asked if he had blown up the house with “Of course, it was a giant fire ball and it was cool!”

So when Karl called me about 20 minutes later, I didn’t think anything of it until I heard his voice.

Karl: Um, Auntie Sara?
Me: Yes, Karl?
Karl: *very small voice* Um, well, Lauren sort of got silly putty in her hair.
Me: Karl? How did Lauren get putty in her hair?
Karl: Well…. I sort of got it in her hair. And it’s really stuck.
Me: *oh crap GULP* Oh, I’m sure it isn’t as bad as you’re saying, don’t worry, when I get home, I’ll take care of it.

Oh, he was dead on accurate. It was really stuck. As in cutting three inches of her hair off stuck. The only good thing? She has such thick hair that after I did it, you literally couldn’t tell that I just had to hack her hair off.

Ah, the joys of children.

Which reminds me of another story about cutting hair. When Lauren was younger, she would eat her hair and as a result the speech therapists would have us cut her hair so she could learn to talk better. Well… Erik was about 2 months old and I had gotten Lauren’s hair cut. Well, the next day, I was in my room changing Erik’s diaper and I was feeding him. This would make Lauren around 5 and Kathryn 3. Well, I left Lauren, Karl & Kathryn out in my living room to watch TV while I took care of Erik.

So I came out and there sits Kathryn on an upturned Rubbermaid bin with Lauren behind her giving her a hair cut. I had never cut Kathryn’s hair before and she wanted a haircut so bad!

So bad, that while I was in my room, she climbed up on my kitchen counter, wound her way around my U shaped counter got to the stove, opened the cupboard above my stove, got the scissors and took them to Lauren.

So I have this dumbfounded look upon my face and Kathryn announced “Mom! Lauren’s giving me a haircut!” and then Lauren with her limited speech said in a very proud voice “I cut sissy hair!!” So I did what I’m sure any mother would do. I burst out laughing. It was really cute. Yes, we had to cut Kathryn’s curls off and 10 inches of her hair in the back and 12 off the sides, but yeah, this reminded me of that time.

Kids being left alone= Dangerous

Question of the day: Have your kids ever cut their hair and you had to get it fixed or you had to cut something out of your kids hair??


Tooth, Teeth, Toofers?

So Lauren lost another tooth. I told her since the five dollars are still on the counter, that the tooth fairy wasn’t going to come. Her tooth? Still in my purse and no, the tooth fairy didn’t come.

Kathryn lost a tooth a couple of weeks back. The tooth fairy did come. However, the tooth fairy stole the money that Benjamin had on the ledge in the living room. Kathryn announced that the tooth fairy can’t be real since it was “daddy’s money!” However, I told her that in this economy, the tooth fairy was going to take whatever measures she could take and if there was money laying about in our house, she was going to take that instead of using her precious money. Folks… I have a doubter on my hands.

Lily got her first tooth! Lots of drool, and crying and it finally broke through! No bulging gums, nothing. One day there was nothing and the next day, you could feel this little tooth. It is slowly growing in on her bottom left. We being the paranoid parent’s that we are, took her to the dentist twice. Hey, she’s a 29 weeker and I wanted to make sure that her teeth were OK. Everything else is OK with her, and knock on wood, so are her teeth! However, the dentist thought she would get her upper teeth first. When we’re able to actually get a picture, I will post it. She’s 11 months old today, so all in all, we’re grateful for teeth.

Mother’s day came and went with me being sick. I finally drug myself to the doctor and I have a double ear infection and strep throat. Benjamin made breakfast burritos and they were delish!  My girls’ made it a special day. As always, Amy Lynne was missed greatly. She would be 2 1/2 and I’m sure quite the terror of the house.


Question of the day- How old were you/your child(ren) when they got their first tooth?