So my mother has a post about siblings over on her blog. So I thought I would tell a sibling story. This one is about Earl. He has said some really funny things over the years. This one is from when we were teenagers.

When I was about 17, (that would make Earl 14) my mother and I were on a squash kick. We would make a new one every night. Then at the dinner table we would go on and on about how good it was. Well, the night before, we had had a spaghetti squash. This night, we had gotten a squash called a sweet mama. So we were going on and on about it. Finally he threw down his fork and in frustration said, “Sweet Mama, Big Eddie, what are they going to come up with next, Little Al?” We both looked at each other and burst into laughter. He didn’t understand that it was a spaghetti squash, not a “Big Eddie” squash.

So if you notice, in my title of my blog, I have that saying. It’s been a favorite in my life and I’ve laughed about it over the years.

Question of the day: Do you have a funny sibling story?


3 comments on “Siblings

  1. carlen says:

    love it! and yes i have a million sibling stories . . . but the one that came to mind first stems from the fact that i have very vivid dreams. one dream i had when i was little involved CHEERIOS! yes, funny, long story dream . . . but my sisters loved it and for years and years and years (and even a few months ago) often ask me to tell them the CHEERIOS STORY!

  2. I wondered where that quote came from!I love the sibling story too and think your family reunion sounds like so much fun!So the first story that came to my mind, and one that we actually told the kids on our 4000+ mile road trip just recently. Anyways, when Amy and I were little and fighting, since we shared a room we would go through each others drawers and throw the others cloths onto the floor. It was so stupid though because 5 minutes later we would make up and then have a huge mess to clean up!

  3. HAHAHA that’s so funny!!!! I can’t think of any funny sibling stories that I’m allowed to share…

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