All We Need Is Blue War Paint

So Lauren has taken to doing her own hair. She only plays with it like this at home. She learned to braid hair while on the Disney trip and she just won’t leave it alone.

All she needs now is blue war paint and she would fit into Braveheart!

We also went to the dentist at the beginning of the month and she had a couple of loose teeth that you could see the adult teeth pushing on. I begged the dentist to not tell her what teeth they were because she would come home and pull them out. After he showed her, she came home and surprisingly enough didn’t bug her teeth. Then last week one of the teeth became loose. After it was pulled out, you could see the whole crown of the tooth poking up in. So, of course the tooth fairy came. A day late, but who’s counting? Anyway, days later and it’s still here…

Lauren has no concept of money. I know she reads this and she’ll be unhappy that I said it, but it’s true! This is proof that she is spoiled and doesn’t really need the money. Maybe I’ll put in a memo to the Tooth Fairy. ~Lauren doesn’t need money anymore :)


One comment on “All We Need Is Blue War Paint

  1. Dang, how much does the tooth fairy bring to your house?! Can you send him over this way!

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