This is my sweet little angel….

Having a knock-down-drag-out-I-want-to-have-my-own-way-look-at-me-I-act-like-an-only-child tantrum.

I think it’s pretty impressive… only her head and her heels are touching the ground and it even looks like she is flipping you off. To quote Benjamin: “Well, that’s the Moore coming out in her.”

Question of the day: Do you have a good story of when your child had one or if you had one as a child?

2 comments on “This is my sweet little angel….

  1. carlen says:

    me? NEVER! i was a perfect angel child . . . go ahead and ask my mother! tanner, though he is near angelic, once through a tantrum as we were leaving the library(against his will)! he was just 2 and i was very pregnant with chloe and i was trying to reason with him that it was in fact time to leave. when that didn’t work, i was pretty much DRAGGING him out since i couldn’t carry him at which point he started yelling at me: “DIE DIE DIE!” i was mortified and i had NO IDEA where he learned the word. my good friend later informed me it was from the movie ANTZ which he watched at her house while i was at an OB appointment. LOVELY MOMENT!

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