Oh Hell…

True story, I swear it!

Mom: Sara, I am leaving for a meeting like NOW and I can’t find any financials except this past month. Do you actually think that they want to talk about last month? NOOOOOO, they’re going to want to talk about the months past. THIS CANNOT HAPPEN. This isn’t fair to the manager about to leave!!

Sara *thinking* well… I was at work all day long, we could have done this then ( I was at home) What I really said was this: “Actually mom, I finished them and I think I gave them to Jeri.”

Mom: Ohhhhhh, I forgot to check the scanned financials. NOPE, THEY AREN’T THERE, WHERE ARE THEY?

Sara: Mom, do you need me to come into the office and help you look?

Mom: Hell no! I have to leave now. That’s it, I’m calling Jeri.

Sara: *thinking* You do that.

*couple of minutes later*

Mom: Jeri said that you never gave them to her. Where are they??

Sara: Mom, I don’t know.

Mom: Well, Jeri said that you never gave them to her. WHERE ARE THEY?? I have to leave!

*This goes on a couple of more phone calls….*

Then… In the mean time, I had invited my dad over for dinner at my house and failed to mention this to my mom. This is about 45 minutes later.

*ring* *ring*

Dad: Hello?


Dad: Um, I’m at Sara’s right now and sitting next to her. She heard every word.

Mom: *silence* then, No you’re not.

Sara: HI MOM!


Need I say more? Now that is an argument that I couldn’t put on the side bar… it was too long and way funny. After she hung up the phone with my dad, he and I laughed and laughed. He had tears streaming down his face he laughed so hard. After the Board meeting, she called me. So of course I answered the phone with “This is the daughter you wish you never hired” We both laughed about it. And in the end? Nope, the Board didn’t even look at the current financial or ask about the past ones.


6 comments on “Oh Hell…

  1. Bill says:

    That is the problem when you deal with the tempermental genius like your Mom, sometimes they dont relate to us common folk

  2. Sara says:

    Thank you for understanding Uncle Bill. I appreciate it. *wiping a tear out of my eye*

  3. Wow, sounds like fun! I think it’s pretty amazing that you all manage to work together and everyone is still living!

  4. Jeri says:

    I never recieved the Financials that Sara thinks she gave me…but I will never win this argument. I have to agree with Michelle, it is amazing we are all still a live and kicking.

  5. Sherrie says:

    Sheesh it was not quite like they are saying. Yes we work together and somehow we survive.

  6. That is the funniest story yet!

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