Lily meets new people!

Today, Lily met Auntie Aletha and Auntie Emily for the first time. She also met Riley and Reagan for the first time. (I don’t have pictures of this because I’m a dork.) Today, we all went shopping at Target for baby food and supplies. Lily liked riding around in the cart as usual but she was disappointed that her sisters weren’t waiting around every rack to jump out and yell, “Mr. Pelican Dude!!!” in her face. After we were done shopping at Target it was time for lunch. Except, Lily was exhausted so she ended falling asleep in the car. We went to go eat lunch at Home Plate Diner and I thought for sure that she would wake up. However, she had no intention of doing so. Emily went and got her double stroller and she put her baby on one side and I put Lily in the other and she stayed asleep until after we were all pretty much done eating.

After lunch, it was time to head over to the house and get started on getting my stuff out of the garages and house. All I knew for sure that I wanted to keep was my baseball cards, my truck, and a bear that I had named B-Bear. I found my baseball cards and my truck pretty easily but B-Bear took us a while to find but we did find him.

Now, I didn’t take any pictures of us cleaning the garage because I thought, who would want pictures of that. Apparently, I was wrong on that one too. So I promise that I’ll start taking pictures of stuff today.


4 comments on “Lily meets new people!

  1. Ahhh, good old Lubbock! You are a brave man traveling alone with the baby! But it sounds like you guys are doing good! Nice job training him Sara!And I agree, pictures make everything better!

  2. Sara says:

    Totally, we need some pictures. PICTURES I SAY!!

  3. carlen says:

    now my interest is piqued . . . what is the story behind “Mr. Pelican Dude!” and yes, i agree with michelle . . . you are a brave soul and sara and the rest of your pretty little ladies are lucky to have you!

  4. Benjamin says:

    Mr. Pelican Dude stems from Kathryn getting a friend a Pelican WebKinz at Ben Franklin. As we were walking through the store the girls were hiding behind the racks and then jumping out and waving the Pelican in Lily’s face while screaming Mr. Pelican Dude!!! which caused Lily to laugh so loud and hysterically that everyone in the store was turning to see who was laughing.

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