Lily goes to Texas…

I was supposed to update this yesterday but with getting in late and then having an extremely overtired baby on my hands I decided to wait until today.

The plane rides with Lily were no where near as bad as I thought they would be. As we’ve noted before, she LOVES attention. She was a hit on the airplane with the flight attendants and one of them said this to me, (In a southern drawl, the flight crew was based out of Dallas) “Oh she’s just so scrumptious! I could take her home and eat her right up and then she would start talkin‘ funny.” Of course since I was new with traveling with a baby I didn’t quite time the whole bottle thing right and so she fussed a little bit but I did finally get her sleep on the first leg. Once we got to Albuquerque we needed find a bathroom and do a quick change before our flight into Lubbock.

She made quite a few friends while standing in line but she made more once we got on the plane. The first 15 rows of the plane were all grandmas and grandpas. Pretty much every single row stopped and said, “Oh she’s so Cute! And she’s so Happy!!” Lily was so good on this flight that when we were getting off a guy who was sitting behind us was all, “There was a BABY on this flight? I never even heard her make a peep! That’s amazing!”

When we finally got to Lubbock we grabbed our bags and got our rental. They rented out all of the smaller cars so I got an upgrade to a Dodge Charger. This was nice until I tried to start the car. The agent at the counter neglected to tell me that you actually insert the WHOLE FOB into the key hole and turn it to start it up. After about 15 minutes I finally figured it out.

Lily met Sara, Mark, and Luke for the first time. Luke wasn’t sure what to think but Lily was loving all the attention. We finally crashed about midnight Texas time and Lily slept until about 4am and then wanted a bottle.

I’d call day one a success! I didn’t take pictures of day 1 because, well, I was traveling by myself.
I’ve been instructed that if I don’t take pictures that my PlayStation controllers might end up with black cherry soda all over them. LOL *Wink*


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