Monkey, Part 2

So, today is Matthew’s birthday. He is *gulp* 35. I say that because in two years, I’ll be there too! I can laugh at Jason because he’s 5 1/2 years older than me and that is forever away!
Since he doesn’t like us to sing to him, I’ll do it here.

*la la La La LA LA LA LA LA LA LA*

Ok, I’m ready.
Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy birthday dear my favorite second oldest brotherrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, Happy Birthday to you!
So I have a funny story for you about Matthew. I seem to have this habit of annoying my brothers. See here.

So there are a lot of stories I could tell about him in honor of his birthday, but I thought I would tell you the one where I got the name of the blog.

I was being the younger sister that I am and I was just being perfect  annoying him. I was taunting him, using this high voice that I use (if you’ve ever been around me, you know which voice I’m talking about) So in this annoying voice, I was surely talking about his buff truck! Dancing around him, running in the house. When he starts to get upset, his face looks like this:

Anyway, he will huff & puff and then he will EXPLODE. This is what I had been waiting for! I love to get them to that point. It must just be a sister thing. So there were a couple of sayings growing up. One was where you would put your finger and your thumb and you would slide your index finger against your thumb and say "this is the world’s smallest violin playing my heart bleeds for you" the other huge one was "Cry me a river!" Soooooo, I had egged Matthew on until he yelled at me:

"SARA!!!!!!!!!! CRY ME A LIVER!!!!!!!!"

So, you can imagine by this point, I’m already in my element getting him going and then instead of RIVER, he said LIVER!

So I of course, laughed. Really hard. Like pee my pants hard. He stomped off. Slamming the doors as he went. His room was in the garage, so he slammed the door to the laundry room, to the garage and to his room.

I have a couple of more stories to share in the future, and yes, I’m sure I’ll share some of my own. Maybe. ha!

So I just wanted to give a shout out to my big brudder, Matthew.


He looks like a Monkey

Ok, so not really. But! When I called to wish him a happy birthday, it went something like this.



answering machine….. BEEP

Happy birthday to you! You live in a zoo! You look like a monkey, and you smell like one too!

From, sister monkey.

So this is the year that all my brothers and I will be in their 30’s…. Jason however, is the oldest monkey of the group.

Speaking of monkeys, when we were growing up, we had the run of the neighborhood. There were few houses and a lot of trees. One of Jason’s favorite things that I can remember is him climbing up to the top of the trees and riding them down to the ground. Obviously, they weren’t big trees if they could bend that far, but you always knew which trees Jason had been in because they were slightly bent. I have another Jason story, but I am so not going to post that one. He would kill me, my mother would kill me… you get the idea ;)

Happy Birthday, Jason.


So my mother has a post about siblings over on her blog. So I thought I would tell a sibling story. This one is about Earl. He has said some really funny things over the years. This one is from when we were teenagers.

When I was about 17, (that would make Earl 14) my mother and I were on a squash kick. We would make a new one every night. Then at the dinner table we would go on and on about how good it was. Well, the night before, we had had a spaghetti squash. This night, we had gotten a squash called a sweet mama. So we were going on and on about it. Finally he threw down his fork and in frustration said, “Sweet Mama, Big Eddie, what are they going to come up with next, Little Al?” We both looked at each other and burst into laughter. He didn’t understand that it was a spaghetti squash, not a “Big Eddie” squash.

So if you notice, in my title of my blog, I have that saying. It’s been a favorite in my life and I’ve laughed about it over the years.

Question of the day: Do you have a funny sibling story?

All We Need Is Blue War Paint

So Lauren has taken to doing her own hair. She only plays with it like this at home. She learned to braid hair while on the Disney trip and she just won’t leave it alone.

All she needs now is blue war paint and she would fit into Braveheart!

We also went to the dentist at the beginning of the month and she had a couple of loose teeth that you could see the adult teeth pushing on. I begged the dentist to not tell her what teeth they were because she would come home and pull them out. After he showed her, she came home and surprisingly enough didn’t bug her teeth. Then last week one of the teeth became loose. After it was pulled out, you could see the whole crown of the tooth poking up in. So, of course the tooth fairy came. A day late, but who’s counting? Anyway, days later and it’s still here…

Lauren has no concept of money. I know she reads this and she’ll be unhappy that I said it, but it’s true! This is proof that she is spoiled and doesn’t really need the money. Maybe I’ll put in a memo to the Tooth Fairy. ~Lauren doesn’t need money anymore :)

Luke and Lily

So a couple of weeks ago, Benjamin and Lily went to Texas. Benjamin stayed with his sister, Sara. Sara has a cute little boy named Luke. Luke was born in December, and Lily was born in June. So they are about 6 months apart. Luke loves Lily. He would try and put her pacifier in her mouth if she was crying/whining. If she was crying, he would squat next to her and lean his head down into her face if as to ask why she was crying? He would pat her head, and in general, act like the older brother. I heard that he looked for Lily after they came back home. I guess Mark, Sara and Luke need to make a trip up here!

Anyway, here are some pictures of them in the bath tub together. I guess they had quite the fun time!

This is my sweet little angel….

Having a knock-down-drag-out-I-want-to-have-my-own-way-look-at-me-I-act-like-an-only-child tantrum.

I think it’s pretty impressive… only her head and her heels are touching the ground and it even looks like she is flipping you off. To quote Benjamin: “Well, that’s the Moore coming out in her.”

Question of the day: Do you have a good story of when your child had one or if you had one as a child?

Oh Hell…

True story, I swear it!

Mom: Sara, I am leaving for a meeting like NOW and I can’t find any financials except this past month. Do you actually think that they want to talk about last month? NOOOOOO, they’re going to want to talk about the months past. THIS CANNOT HAPPEN. This isn’t fair to the manager about to leave!!

Sara *thinking* well… I was at work all day long, we could have done this then ( I was at home) What I really said was this: “Actually mom, I finished them and I think I gave them to Jeri.”

Mom: Ohhhhhh, I forgot to check the scanned financials. NOPE, THEY AREN’T THERE, WHERE ARE THEY?

Sara: Mom, do you need me to come into the office and help you look?

Mom: Hell no! I have to leave now. That’s it, I’m calling Jeri.

Sara: *thinking* You do that.

*couple of minutes later*

Mom: Jeri said that you never gave them to her. Where are they??

Sara: Mom, I don’t know.

Mom: Well, Jeri said that you never gave them to her. WHERE ARE THEY?? I have to leave!

*This goes on a couple of more phone calls….*

Then… In the mean time, I had invited my dad over for dinner at my house and failed to mention this to my mom. This is about 45 minutes later.

*ring* *ring*

Dad: Hello?


Dad: Um, I’m at Sara’s right now and sitting next to her. She heard every word.

Mom: *silence* then, No you’re not.

Sara: HI MOM!


Need I say more? Now that is an argument that I couldn’t put on the side bar… it was too long and way funny. After she hung up the phone with my dad, he and I laughed and laughed. He had tears streaming down his face he laughed so hard. After the Board meeting, she called me. So of course I answered the phone with “This is the daughter you wish you never hired” We both laughed about it. And in the end? Nope, the Board didn’t even look at the current financial or ask about the past ones.