A cushion for the boobies??

So we had to take Kathryn to the doctor again. She has some health problems along with her BREAKING HER FOOT this time. Last time she cracked her ribs and not two weeks later, she did her foot in. *sigh* that sweet child of mine. Anyway, back to the story. So we’re in the waiting room waiting. And waiting. And waiting. Our doctor was on call and that kept pushing us back. So I pick up a magazine and it happens to be about pregnancy. Benjamin’s all “Why do you look at those?” I just shrugged my shoulders. I like looking at all baby things whether they are out or not. Just as I shrugged my shoulders, I see this:

Ummm, hello? Whiskey Tango Foxtrot! My eyes bulge out of my face. I’m paralyzed for just a few moments and then I mumble to Benjamin “DO YOU SEE THAT?” I then start laughing. He’s all “Yeah, I see it” I mean, who would use this? I don’t know, maybe it’s because I’m not well endowed in that area… but I know plenty of women who are, and I’ve never heard of them cushioning their breasts. So anyway, maybe it’s not that funny to anyone else, but it gave me a great laugh. I really needed it since my baby girl has been on my mind a lot lately.
Question of the day: Do you use body pillows? For the legs or um, other body parts? ;)

2 comments on “A cushion for the boobies??

  1. Yeah, I’ve never needed one of those over here either… looks interesting though!I used one of our long oversized pillows between my legs and under my belly when I was pregnant, but I usually just use Matt. :) Even though I know how annoying it is to have someones heavy leg all over you, he’s just so comfy!Still waiting for that phone call…

  2. carlen says:

    “whisky tango foxtrot?” i just got it when i read this post! am i naive or what! i just might use that one! not the pillow though! not well-endowed in that department either! i have a body pillow my sister-in-law gave me when i was prego and i’ve never used as a body pillow. it runs along our headboard and has one of those super-soft pillowcases on it that is never cold so i sleep with my hands under it to keep them warm at night. strange, maybe! but not as strange as that photo in the mag!

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