Cracked Ribs… and more

So I’ve been sick a lot lately and I haven’t been able to shake it. So I finally went to the Dr. today and I have a sinus infection-no surprise. However, I’m surprised that I have pneumonia as well. They have me on some good drugs, I’m hoping that I will finally start to feel better.

Later in the day, my cell phone starts ringing, and I know that number is the school. So I answer it. Kathryn had fallen and really hurt herself. Her lungs hurt, it hurt to breathe. She of course, was doing a “trick” that only she is mega good at. She lost her footing and trying to save herself, she slammed her ribs into a metal bar. So I’m thinking, I really want to go home and go to sleep. I’m not feeling well at all. Then I start thinking, well, what if she punctured her lung? What if she has internal bleeding? And while I’m sleeping, she is getting sicker and sicker. So I take her to the Dr. She did not in fact, puncture her lung. They aren’t too sure if her kidney’s took a beating, so they did some testing on them. We don’t know the results just yet. She also cracked her ribs and they are bruised really bad. And Kathryn? Well, she’s almost acting like nothing happened. Like the time she broke her foot and they had to re-set it and she didn’t change expressions on her face? Oh, and the time she got her tonsils out and on the way home she wanted KFC? Yeah, just like that.

I’m too sick to go to Young Women’s tonight, but I was just informed that oops! They forgot to send us an invitation and that Lauren is invited because she is entering Young Women’s this year. So I called in some favors and my wonderful-never get mad-blissfully happy-lets nothing faze her-saintly-sister-in-law Jeri, is taking her for me. Jeri, you’re the best!!

OK, I’m off to bed.


2 comments on “Cracked Ribs… and more

  1. Gee-whiz girl! It’s like your running an infirmary over there! Remember, you can’t leave marks or break bones when disciplining! ;)I can’t believe your little one is crawling! That’s new to Addie as of last week! Your little girl is so advanced! Aaannnddd, I can’t believe Kathryn is 10! I mean, I guess I can because I know how our kids are staggered, but seriously, why are they growing up?! Ugh!I just realized that I never did call you, or email you with my number. I have thought of calling you many times, but I usually have days free and I know you work for a real slave driver! ;) Next time I think about it, I’m doing it. I can leave you a message if nothing else. Okay, guess I should end my novella here. Love ya!

  2. Poor Kathryn, what a tough cookie. Sounds like she has been through alot! I also loved the latest funny argument with your mom….LOL!

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