Cracked Ribs… and more

So I’ve been sick a lot lately and I haven’t been able to shake it. So I finally went to the Dr. today and I have a sinus infection-no surprise. However, I’m surprised that I have pneumonia as well. They have me on some good drugs, I’m hoping that I will finally start to feel better.

Later in the day, my cell phone starts ringing, and I know that number is the school. So I answer it. Kathryn had fallen and really hurt herself. Her lungs hurt, it hurt to breathe. She of course, was doing a “trick” that only she is mega good at. She lost her footing and trying to save herself, she slammed her ribs into a metal bar. So I’m thinking, I really want to go home and go to sleep. I’m not feeling well at all. Then I start thinking, well, what if she punctured her lung? What if she has internal bleeding? And while I’m sleeping, she is getting sicker and sicker. So I take her to the Dr. She did not in fact, puncture her lung. They aren’t too sure if her kidney’s took a beating, so they did some testing on them. We don’t know the results just yet. She also cracked her ribs and they are bruised really bad. And Kathryn? Well, she’s almost acting like nothing happened. Like the time she broke her foot and they had to re-set it and she didn’t change expressions on her face? Oh, and the time she got her tonsils out and on the way home she wanted KFC? Yeah, just like that.

I’m too sick to go to Young Women’s tonight, but I was just informed that oops! They forgot to send us an invitation and that Lauren is invited because she is entering Young Women’s this year. So I called in some favors and my wonderful-never get mad-blissfully happy-lets nothing faze her-saintly-sister-in-law Jeri, is taking her for me. Jeri, you’re the best!!

OK, I’m off to bed.


Double Digits

Kathryn turned 10 last Thursday, the 5th.

We got her a cell phone for her birthday. Kathryn tells us that she wants us to hide her gift and play “hot and cold”. We think, OK, sounds great kid. In actuality, we decided to just call her and wake her up with her cell phone. So our plan was to go in around 6am and put it on her bedside table and call her. So Lily wakes us up at 5:50. We decide to take it in. Except! When Benjamin went in, Kathryn was already awake. Dang! Our plan was foiled! So we decide to go and put the phone in the middle of the living room. It’s empty. No furniture and we had just cleaned the carpets so literally, the room is EMPTY. So I call it. And again. And again. She’s not getting up to investigate. The ring tone isn’t one that Benjamin or I use, so we thought she would get up and see what was going on. So I get up and go and get the phone. I go into her room hoping I could put in on her vanity; however, she’s sitting up and reading a book. No dice. So I take and put it on her bathroom counter, which is directly across the hallway from her door. I get back into bed. I call her phone again. And again. Finally she stomps out of her room and yells at us to find the phone and take the battery out. She then fumes “Who would dare call us at 6 in the morning????” I’m snickering. I call it again. She looks at me and is rolling her eyes. I say, well, find the phone and see who it is. She stomps across the hallway into the bathroom and finds the phone. She doesn’t look at it and basically threw it at me in bed. Now, by this time, Benjamin and I are laughing our butts off. So I start singing to her. Now if anyone who knows me well has heard me sing, I always make up new lyrics to music that is familiar. I also sing off key on purpose. So in the “Happy Birthday” song, I start singing something like this, “Happy Birthday to you, this is your cell phone, I’ve been calling it all morning, to play hot and cold!” Now around the “this is your cell phone” she jumps back onto the bed and looks at the phone and then looks at us wondering if this is a joke. We’ve said she wouldn’t get one. When she knew we were serious, she runs and finds Lauren and is jumping around like a mad woman. Needless to say, she was very happy. Here are some pictures:

We also had a slumber party the next evening. We had 11 in all. One boy. Alan. His parent’s came and picked him up at 9 and two girls’ left at 10. I have a ton of pictures, but since they are of other children, I don’t dare post them. Needless to say, it was loud, but tons of fun. I would do one again.

Look Who’s Crawling!

She actually started last week, but I’ve been too sick and busy to post it. She is up on all 4’s and is hopping forward. Benjamin yelled at me from upstairs that Lily had a rash on her knees. He comes ripping downstairs and I look at her knees and she had just given herself some strawberry’s from learning to crawl. He was a bit sheepish. So here are some pictures of my big girl crawling. She can crawl, eat big people food, refuse her bottle, but gosh darn it! She doesn’t know how to sit up yet. Haha!

Here she is, getting ready!

Up on all 4’s!

and a nose dive! She tried to move both arms at once… I guess that didn’t work?

Copy Cat, that’s me!

Saw it on her blog and Carlen’s blog. I’m not linking Carlen because her blog is set to private. I know them both personally and look forward to the loot!

Here’s the deal:
I hereby commit to offer
the first 5 individuals to comment on this post
a homemade gift of my choosing!
in order to post a comment,
you have to FIRST post a “SERVICE OFFER FOR 5”
on your blog!

While YOU in turn
have the opportunity to do likewise to this post
and be the recipient of a fun homemade gift from ME.

And then 5 of your lucky friends will have the opportunity
from your post to be served by you!

There are of course some RESTRICTIONS
since I’m not superwoman!
1 I make no guarantees that you will like what I make!
(though I’ll give it excellent effort because of restriction #3)
2 What I create will be just for you.
3 It will be done sometime this year.
4 You have no clue what it will be… I may bake something, make something, or be really creative!
5 I reserve the right to do something extremely strange.

Just remember the CATCH!

(oh and be sure to post a picture of what you win when you get it
so we can follow the trail of PAY-IT-FORWARD service gifts!)