That’s what Lily does when she gets upset. Yes folks, my daughter is a spitter and you know what? It drives me insane. If I don’t pick her up fast enough? She spits at me. If I don’t let her jump in my arms? Spit. If I don’t feed her fast enough? Yup, spit.

In other news… she refuses to take a bottle from me anymore. She’s a big girl. She only wants cups and to eat real food, not that stuff that comes in a bottle. So she gets oatmeal at every meal along with sweet potatoes, bananas, sweet peas, pears, you name it. So far, she doesn’t care for squash all that much. She does however, love her food. She will eat anything. Because, after all… she’s a big girl.


One comment on “Spitting

  1. nice to hear an update…as thats the only way I hear from you anymore….miss you my friend. hope life is good and thats why we havent chatted in awhile.

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