So for the past three months or so, Lily has been saying ada and addy. In the past month, she has been saying it while looking at or looking for Benjamin. Last month, she was crying in my arms and she reached towards Benjamin and said “Ada”. We were astounded. It has happened a couple of more times, but yesterday, Benjamin took her to get her Synagis shot. I had a Mutual that started early so he got the pleasure. As they were holding her down and putting both needles into her leg, again, she cried this time for “Addy”. The nurses were surprised that she knew who he was and that she had a name for him.

So I guess this is official. Lily is saying Daddy. It just sounds like Ada or Addy.

I’m sorry… there is no preemie here. Look somewhere else.


One comment on “Addy

  1. Oh no, not daddy, her best buddy in California, ADDIE!!!!! That is so cute! Addison says da-da too. Humph! Everyone knows that’s just easier than saying mama!

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