Lily has the flu :(

So Miss Lily has the flu. She is going on her second day of it now. Sunday morning at 2am I was woken up to her trying to breathe. Now, most of you know, she was a 29 week preemie. She had a hard time with spitting up and not being able to breathe. So her crib is in our room and I’m sure it will be in our bedroom for about another year before I feel comfortable to move her into her own room. So anyway, 2am, I jump out of bed, the comforter goes flying and I yell at Benjamin to turn the light on. I’m prepared to suck out her nose with my mouth-yes, it was that bad and yes, I’ve done it before. Anyhow, he turns on the light and I yank her out of the crib. She is breathing now *phew* but… there is vomit everywhere. Her pillow is ruined, we threw it out, I’ve washed all of the bedding, and there has been little sleep. She is in good spirits though. Even though she doesn’t have a fever, I’ve still given her tylenol. So things have been hectic here and tiring. I’m hoping this goes away because if she isn’t over it by tomorrow, I’m going to call her doctor and have her seen.

In other news… Saturday night, we decided to check the mail. In it was a letter from the school. I hate these letters, I never know what they’re going to say, especially when it’s not from the school, but the administrative offices. The last letter we received from them was a letter about Lauren going into her AP classes. This one… was regarding Kathryn. It seems they want to test Kathryn about placing her in an excel program. Her WASL scores were off the chart high this past year and they are considering her for this for the 5th grade. I’ve talked about it with her, and she would like to be tested to go into this program. The letter starts out with… “does your child ask a lot of questions?” I just laughed to myself. Kathryn? Heck, they could have been describing her. She is always asking questions. So much that Benjamin on his blog came up with nicknames for all of us and Kathryns? “The Questioner” hahahaha So we’ll see on this one.

That’s about it. I’m going to work tonight since I wasn’t able to go into the office. After that, I’m going to try and get some sleep.


One comment on “Lily has the flu :(

  1. Hope everybody’s feeling better! That’s so stressful to have a sick baby, and for your little one I’m sure that’s compounded!And good job Kathryn! It must have been her awesome Kindergarten teacher! That’s where it all starts you know!

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