Christmas… and more!

OK, so I’ll try and go in order. So much has happened and we haven’t had our computer up in all of this time. Even now, I’m using Benjamin’s work computer.

The snow. It was/is terrible. We had it for days on end. we were even snowed in. We are in our new neighborhood for this snow. Our housing development is on a hill. Not so bad in good weather, but yucky when you have to drive up it in the snow. Even now, as I write this, it’s snowing. We’re supposed to get another 4 inches… or so my mom says. I do believe her. So we’re in our new house and the girls went out to play and there are no children to be found. Did I mention that our neighborhood is extremely child friendly? there is almost no houses that don’t have kids. Halloween? Not only did we have all of our neighborhood, but from neighboring ones as well. So we found that it was a little weird that no kids were out and about playing in the snow. Well, two or three days into this, we, meaning Lauren, Kathryn and Benjamin ran into our neighbor across the street from us. He asked us why we were playing in the street when we could be on “Vampire Hill!” vampire hill?? According to him, there is a very steep street in our neighborhood that all the kids play on. It’s a dead end and very safe. So off they go to vampire hill. And that was where all the kids were! They were gone for over two hours playing in the snow.

So my brother Jason and his three kids Veronica, Gerrit, and Jeanene came into town for Christmas. We got Karl and Erik and we all went to vampire hill…. and here are some of the pictures. Now, I need to warn you… I have a lot and I’m going to post a lot so Jason and my mother and Jeri can see what we got. It was also snowing like crazy at the time.

I thought this turned out very nice of the 4 out of the 9 kids.

This is my oldest brother. He’s single ladies!

The reason for the name? Vampire Hill? According to the children… its scary!

It was then a couple of days before Christmas. I had to take Lily in for her well child check up and some more shots. More shots? Two days before Christmas?? Well, her synagis shot has to be every 4 weeks, not every month and they don’t like the kids to go more than the 28 days. So yes, right before Christmas, she got 7 Immunizations. 5 shots. However, our little heifer is huge! She is now on the “regular” chart. They chart her as if she was born full term and guess what?? She is in the 50th percentile for height and weight! 16 pounds even and 26 inches long. Her original birth weight is 3lbs 1 oz and she was 16 inches. that makes her growing 10 inches since birth and gaining 13 pounds. I was so excited. Her head… not so much. She is in the 10th percentile for her head, but that’s ok! We don’t grow pumpkin heads in this household! The best part in all of this? She has mostly caught up to her peers. They say that preemies won’t totally catch up until they’re 2 years old. It only took Lily 6 months. That’s our over achiever!

Onto Christmas. Is it terrible that we let Lily sleep through all of the Christmas activities? Hope not, because that is just what we did. I don’t have one picture of her opening up any presents. I do have some on my mother’s camera that we took the next day opening presents that my mother gave her… Anyway, Santa brought the girls these. They are really spoiled. They also got a total of 4 webkinz, movies galore, science projects, polly pockets, scrapbooking stuff, candy and $100 cash from the SD(biological father, if you want to know what the SD stands for, email me). We were really surprised. We all got aprons made by the Mother Ship. I guess she made one for everyone in the family. I wonder if she is trying to tell us something? :) I got pots and pans from my parents and the MS got me a digital photo frame. I’m way excited about this. Jeri made me a metal thingy that comes with magnets and I’ll take a picture of it and post it here. It is way cute! Benjamin got an automatic wrench from the MS and a video game from my parents. Needless to say, everyone was spoiled around here. Lily got a cute snow outfit from the MS and a ton of cute outfits to wear. My mother gave her something annoying, but she loves it terribly. Santa brought her drums that she loves to smack because she knows that it will make music and lights will go off. She got this wonderful ball set from her Aunti Jeri. We have so many toys around here, we don’t know what to do with it all.

Here is Kathryn. The pajamas are made by the MS

Here is Lauren. Her PJ’s were also made by the MS

I had to throw this one of Lily in. She’s just so happy!

This is the hat to the outfit that the MS made. Isn’t it way cute?

Then… something happened a couple of days after Christmas. Remember when I posted about Lily rolling? Well, she really loves to do it and she found that she can roll to what she wants. She is also pulling herself up and dragging herself to toys. I’m sure she will be crawling before the month is out. I don’t know if I can handle it.

I had to put this in… This is a picture taken of Lily right after she was put in the bjorn. Any guesses as to what put her to sleep so fast? hahaha A Hockey Game! (Benjamin doesn’t think that it’s very funny, but I do!)

If you’re still here and reading, I commend you.

The New Years Eve Elf came to our house as well. He starts off with something on the table and then leaves clues all around the house. Here are some pictures of what he left all of us.

I took this picture because you can see that he left the loot in Lily’s stroller and the girls are looking in the car. The clue? “Lily’s ride”

So as you can see, it has been a very eventful time in our lives. Here’s to 2009 and it being a wonderful, but safe year!


One comment on “Christmas… and more!

  1. Hooray for Christmas! Looks like you guys had fun! I, for one, am jealous of the snow!That’s amazing that your Lily will be crawling before our little blob! Can’t believe she’s so big! And cute! Love the hat!The Christmas Eve elf sounds pretty cool! Can he come to my house?!

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