Can I get a HUGE sigh of relief?

So I have a lot to blog about. I was going to do it, I promise! I was a good girl and took pictures all ready to post. Guess what happened? I ran out of space on my memory card! So I had Benjamin go and download all of my pictures onto our computer… and then the weather came. Lots of snow. I mean a lot. Up to our knees lots. And then the power went out. And then on. And then off. All in about 5 minutes of time. And our computer went bye-bye. Remember all those pictures that I had downloaded? The ones that are supposed to be backed up? Oopsie, Benjamin forgot to back them up. Over 700 pictures. Gone. I cried. What’s a post without pictures? However, being the internet/computer ninja that Benjamin is… he got our computer to boot up long enough to copy the pictures onto our external hard drive! Yay!!!!! So tomorrow, I’ll post about all the snow, vampire hill, my brother coming into town with his three kids and Lily’s well child check up, oh yeah, and her new trick…

And no Mother, we don’t have a gate yet.


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