Only Erik

So I have my little boy tonight. My brother Jason is in town with his three kids and all the grand kids wanted to spend the night over there. It went something like this:

Matthew: “Erik, come here and give me a kiss. Do you want to come home with me tonight?”
Erik: “No!”
Auntie Sara: “Erik, do you want to come home with me tonight?” I totally thought that will all the kids there his answer would be the no he gave his dad.
Erik: Suspicion in his voice “You mean that’s an option?”
Auntie Sara: *Gulp*
Grandma: Looking hopeful. “Of course that’s an option!!!”
Erik: “YES!!!!!!”
Auntie Sara: “Are you sure? You’re going to miss watching Wall-e with all the kids and Chicken Run!”
Erik: “Well, I’ve seen Wall-e 10 times. And I’ve seen Chicken Run 11 times. that’s one more time than Wall-e. So yeah, I want to come home with you.”
Auntie Sara: “But you’ll miss breakfast with Uncle Jason!” At this point, I’m desperate. “And he’s making a wonderful breakfast!”
Grandma: Now she’s getting upset with me. “Sara! Quit that. He’s going home with you!”
Erik: “I know. I have a pattern. Auntie Sara, Auntie Sara, Grandma, Grandma. So I’ll go home with you tonight and stay for two days, and then I’ll stay with Grandma for two days and then I’ll come home with you for two days!” You get the point… it went on and on (and while I’m typing this, he’s sitting here and reading all of this and giving me pointers of “I didn’t say that! I said it this way, fix it!– I love my boy) So he goes on to say while whispering in my ear “Can I do the Christmas tree?” (We have an advent calendar Christmas tree and he likes to do it. He’s now telling me that what I’m typing doesn’t even make sense. haha)
Auntie Sara: “Of course you can do the Christmas tree”
Erik: “Shhhh, don’t say it so loud!”

So we were all in bed watching a hockey game and I look at him and I say, “I love you Erik” to which he reply’s “I know.” We laugh and I’m all, how do you know that I love you? and he says “Because you tell me all the time. You’ve told me like a million times already. You and Grandma.” In a voice of sheesh, you dummy. hahaha I love my boy.

So we’re getting snowed on and it either needs to be really bad so we don’t have to go to church in the morning or not very much so we can go on with our lives.

–signing out–


2 comments on “Only Erik

  1. Jeri says:

    That’s my Erik. He always knows what to say…he loves you very much.

  2. What a cutie! And he’s reading already??? Isn’t he still the sweet little two year old, running around and telling me he wasn’t a baby when I called him baby?!Hope you guys are staying warm and safe! Crazy weather! We’ll be having rain all week. I guess it’s better than nothing. Oh, and Matt is the 1st counselor in the YM. I don’t know if I told you already. And I finally got a calling, the Beehive advisor. Lexi want’s to know why I always follow her! I told her she followed me into YW! Yikes, lessons every week! That will be good for me!

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