Lily made a liar out of me

I know I said that I wasn’t going to post today… However, Lily had her first real feeding where she was actively wanting the food, opening her mouth and crying for more when we were done… What could I do?

Backup… First let me explain. I have never fed my children this early. Call me paranoid, but I feel if you feed your children this early, allergies can happen and  poor eating habits can be established. So I always started solids on my older girls at around 10 months. They were content to start then. They were older and they wanted to eat instead of the "forcing" of foods on younger babies.

Fast forward 10 years and we have Lily. For the past, say 2 months, she has been watching us eat dinner. She would look down at our forks, watch us get the food on it, put it to our mouths. She would then look at me and as if to say, "WHERE IS MY FOOD???" So I went out this past week and bought some food. I got peaches, sweet potatoes and squash. I also bought some oatmeal and rice cereal for her. I know they say to start your children on the vegetables first so they like them and then give them the fruit that is sweet. However, Lily has… lets say, issues with her bowels. So I started her on fruits hoping to get things moving a little better. She scrunched her face up, didn’t like it. I felt like I was forcing her to eat. I then gave her some oatmeal. Same reaction. So I just let the other food sit. It will stay good. She must not be ready to eat just yet.

Well, tonight while at dinner, she was doing the whole watching our forks, following it to our mouth thing. She sits in her bumbo while we eat so she can see us. I finish dinner and I think to myself, why not? So I get up, get out the oatmeal and sweet potatoes and I mix those together. Put on her bib and get a little on the spoon and I give it to her. And this is what happened:

Picture 024

When she gets really excited to eat, she has to hold onto something. So I gave her my left hand to hold so she wouldn’t hold them on either her bib or in her face which she tried to do many times.

Picture 030 

Picture 028

I think the sweet potatoes and oatmeal was a hit.

Picture 027

What do you think? So when I thought she had had enough, I threw out the paper plate, washed her face and rinsed off the spoon. Guess what happened? She screamed. And screamed some more. She was still hungry. So I get out a new plate, put the rest of the jar of sweet potatoes on the plate, add more oatmeal and we feed her.

Picture 033

And this is all we had left. It was a hit! She is MY  daughter! She loves her veggies! Take that daddy!

So instead of this, I think we’re going to buy her this. I like it because we can take it with us wherever we go and it will be her chair and because I have a counter style table so a high chair wouldn’t in fact be a "high chair". Oh yeah, and it’s cheaper.


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