When it rains, it pours…

Just when I said there was nothing going on… Just today..



That’s right folks you heard me correctly. Her adjusted age is 3 1/2 months of age. She just turned 6 months old on Sunday.  I was so excited when she did it. So in honor of her rolling, I thought I would post some pictures of her. I first have a story to tell about her outfit. When I was preggo with Amy Lynne, Benjamin found this Predators outfit on ebay. He had to have it. They were no longer being made. So I thought, why not? $$$ later after we got into a bidding war with this other person, we won! So we put a yellow bow on her head and voila!  We have a little girl outfit.




She’s pretty serious in this one, but she is looking straight at the camera. She is going to keep her blue eyes. I just hope her hair grows in a little more red than it is. 


We also put up our tree the day after Thanksgiving. (now mind you, I’m hopping all over the place and these are in no chronological order at all)

Here is a before of our living room


The girls putting the ornaments on


Kathryn getting cheesy here and making the same face as the ornament



Amy Lynne’s ornament-sort of. When we knew she was dying, the nurses at Children’s took footprints of her and they took the hand print of Lauren and Kathryn and made them each their own ornament with Amy’s foot in remembrance. I don’t know which kids this one is. (Just because I can’t see whose name is on it) Erik wanted to see it so Benjamin took it off the tree so he could see it better.


Finally, here is all of the kids finishing up the tree– plus the dog… can’t forget the dog.


Next, Lauren’s school for spirit week had an 80’s day. This was the best that we could do. Instead of blue eye shadow, we put purple. Her hair was in a pony tail on the side, but I guess not very well because I can’t tell in this picture!


Oh yeah, and remember I told you it snowed here? Some pictures of Kathryn making a snow angel and Benjamin’s foot in the snow to show you how deep it is. Oh, and one of our yard and the neighbors houses.





That’s it for now. Three posts in three days. Really, don’t expect anything for tomorrow. Or the next day. Or the next. I mean it. 


Question of the day: What do you like/dislike most about the snow?


One comment on “When it rains, it pours…

  1. Go Lily! What a cutie-pie! That’s so been her personality from the start, she defies the odds!I love snow! I love the excitement, the bundling up, the beauty, the activities! I do not love driving in it or walking in it in inappropriate shoes. :)Love all the pics! The girls look so grown-up, especially Lauren! Even though her hair was all crazy in that picture she looks beautiful!

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