My Poor Baby

So remember yesterday’s post? Lily being sick for a month? Well, I took her to the Dr today. Raging sinus infection. :( My poor baby. It hasn’t touched her ears which doesn’t surprise me. My children never have ear infections. They gave her some antibiotics which she slickered down like a champ. Yum Yum! She wanted more. She is really good about taking medicine. Let’s hope it stays that way.

Oh, and they had to weigh her to get the correct dose for her meds.

15 lbs, 10oz. Oh yeah, baby! That’s a pound in almost a month. She is catching up with the rest of the full term babies.

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One comment on “My Poor Baby

  1. Yay chunky baby! Poor, sick girl, that’s the worst! It must be nice to have a baby that actually takes her medicine! Wonder what that’s like!Post some pictures already! :)

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