What do you think?

I’ve put a new background in today. I loved it and then clicked on a sister who used to be in my ward and guess what? Yup, she had the exact one. So I went in and messed around and found a new background. I also learned a new trick…

I messed around with the html and learned how to delete the box that tells everyone where I got the template from. Oh yeah, I’m that good! (confession… I actually compared the html of a blog where Benjamin had already taken it out and then I just copied him) However, I will always remember now.

I have pictures of my girls setting the tree up. I just have to find the cable so I can get the pictures uploaded. It was also dress like you’re from the 80’s at Lauren’s school. I have a picture of her being 1985. I’ll have to get that on too.

Went to mutual tonight. I’m ready to dive head first into my calling. I’m excited.


2 comments on “What do you think?

  1. YW is such a fun calling! Lots of work, but lots of fun. Love your background! But I miss your pictures! How’d you guys get those on there anyways? I think I want to take a class on html stuff cause I never really know what I’m doing!

  2. Oh wow and you are ecxcited to be Mia Maid advisor? Holy cow a YW calling is one I fear the most!! I’m glad there are women like you…lol

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