Can I get a HUGE sigh of relief?

So I have a lot to blog about. I was going to do it, I promise! I was a good girl and took pictures all ready to post. Guess what happened? I ran out of space on my memory card! So I had Benjamin go and download all of my pictures onto our computer… and then the weather came. Lots of snow. I mean a lot. Up to our knees lots. And then the power went out. And then on. And then off. All in about 5 minutes of time. And our computer went bye-bye. Remember all those pictures that I had downloaded? The ones that are supposed to be backed up? Oopsie, Benjamin forgot to back them up. Over 700 pictures. Gone. I cried. What’s a post without pictures? However, being the internet/computer ninja that Benjamin is… he got our computer to boot up long enough to copy the pictures onto our external hard drive! Yay!!!!! So tomorrow, I’ll post about all the snow, vampire hill, my brother coming into town with his three kids and Lily’s well child check up, oh yeah, and her new trick…

And no Mother, we don’t have a gate yet.


Only Erik

So I have my little boy tonight. My brother Jason is in town with his three kids and all the grand kids wanted to spend the night over there. It went something like this:

Matthew: “Erik, come here and give me a kiss. Do you want to come home with me tonight?”
Erik: “No!”
Auntie Sara: “Erik, do you want to come home with me tonight?” I totally thought that will all the kids there his answer would be the no he gave his dad.
Erik: Suspicion in his voice “You mean that’s an option?”
Auntie Sara: *Gulp*
Grandma: Looking hopeful. “Of course that’s an option!!!”
Erik: “YES!!!!!!”
Auntie Sara: “Are you sure? You’re going to miss watching Wall-e with all the kids and Chicken Run!”
Erik: “Well, I’ve seen Wall-e 10 times. And I’ve seen Chicken Run 11 times. that’s one more time than Wall-e. So yeah, I want to come home with you.”
Auntie Sara: “But you’ll miss breakfast with Uncle Jason!” At this point, I’m desperate. “And he’s making a wonderful breakfast!”
Grandma: Now she’s getting upset with me. “Sara! Quit that. He’s going home with you!”
Erik: “I know. I have a pattern. Auntie Sara, Auntie Sara, Grandma, Grandma. So I’ll go home with you tonight and stay for two days, and then I’ll stay with Grandma for two days and then I’ll come home with you for two days!” You get the point… it went on and on (and while I’m typing this, he’s sitting here and reading all of this and giving me pointers of “I didn’t say that! I said it this way, fix it!– I love my boy) So he goes on to say while whispering in my ear “Can I do the Christmas tree?” (We have an advent calendar Christmas tree and he likes to do it. He’s now telling me that what I’m typing doesn’t even make sense. haha)
Auntie Sara: “Of course you can do the Christmas tree”
Erik: “Shhhh, don’t say it so loud!”

So we were all in bed watching a hockey game and I look at him and I say, “I love you Erik” to which he reply’s “I know.” We laugh and I’m all, how do you know that I love you? and he says “Because you tell me all the time. You’ve told me like a million times already. You and Grandma.” In a voice of sheesh, you dummy. hahaha I love my boy.

So we’re getting snowed on and it either needs to be really bad so we don’t have to go to church in the morning or not very much so we can go on with our lives.

–signing out–

Lily made a liar out of me

I know I said that I wasn’t going to post today… However, Lily had her first real feeding where she was actively wanting the food, opening her mouth and crying for more when we were done… What could I do?

Backup… First let me explain. I have never fed my children this early. Call me paranoid, but I feel if you feed your children this early, allergies can happen and  poor eating habits can be established. So I always started solids on my older girls at around 10 months. They were content to start then. They were older and they wanted to eat instead of the "forcing" of foods on younger babies.

Fast forward 10 years and we have Lily. For the past, say 2 months, she has been watching us eat dinner. She would look down at our forks, watch us get the food on it, put it to our mouths. She would then look at me and as if to say, "WHERE IS MY FOOD???" So I went out this past week and bought some food. I got peaches, sweet potatoes and squash. I also bought some oatmeal and rice cereal for her. I know they say to start your children on the vegetables first so they like them and then give them the fruit that is sweet. However, Lily has… lets say, issues with her bowels. So I started her on fruits hoping to get things moving a little better. She scrunched her face up, didn’t like it. I felt like I was forcing her to eat. I then gave her some oatmeal. Same reaction. So I just let the other food sit. It will stay good. She must not be ready to eat just yet.

Well, tonight while at dinner, she was doing the whole watching our forks, following it to our mouth thing. She sits in her bumbo while we eat so she can see us. I finish dinner and I think to myself, why not? So I get up, get out the oatmeal and sweet potatoes and I mix those together. Put on her bib and get a little on the spoon and I give it to her. And this is what happened:

Picture 024

When she gets really excited to eat, she has to hold onto something. So I gave her my left hand to hold so she wouldn’t hold them on either her bib or in her face which she tried to do many times.

Picture 030 

Picture 028

I think the sweet potatoes and oatmeal was a hit.

Picture 027

What do you think? So when I thought she had had enough, I threw out the paper plate, washed her face and rinsed off the spoon. Guess what happened? She screamed. And screamed some more. She was still hungry. So I get out a new plate, put the rest of the jar of sweet potatoes on the plate, add more oatmeal and we feed her.

Picture 033

And this is all we had left. It was a hit! She is MY  daughter! She loves her veggies! Take that daddy!

So instead of this, I think we’re going to buy her this. I like it because we can take it with us wherever we go and it will be her chair and because I have a counter style table so a high chair wouldn’t in fact be a "high chair". Oh yeah, and it’s cheaper.

When it rains, it pours…

Just when I said there was nothing going on… Just today..



That’s right folks you heard me correctly. Her adjusted age is 3 1/2 months of age. She just turned 6 months old on Sunday.  I was so excited when she did it. So in honor of her rolling, I thought I would post some pictures of her. I first have a story to tell about her outfit. When I was preggo with Amy Lynne, Benjamin found this Predators outfit on ebay. He had to have it. They were no longer being made. So I thought, why not? $$$ later after we got into a bidding war with this other person, we won! So we put a yellow bow on her head and voila!  We have a little girl outfit.




She’s pretty serious in this one, but she is looking straight at the camera. She is going to keep her blue eyes. I just hope her hair grows in a little more red than it is. 


We also put up our tree the day after Thanksgiving. (now mind you, I’m hopping all over the place and these are in no chronological order at all)

Here is a before of our living room


The girls putting the ornaments on


Kathryn getting cheesy here and making the same face as the ornament



Amy Lynne’s ornament-sort of. When we knew she was dying, the nurses at Children’s took footprints of her and they took the hand print of Lauren and Kathryn and made them each their own ornament with Amy’s foot in remembrance. I don’t know which kids this one is. (Just because I can’t see whose name is on it) Erik wanted to see it so Benjamin took it off the tree so he could see it better.


Finally, here is all of the kids finishing up the tree– plus the dog… can’t forget the dog.


Next, Lauren’s school for spirit week had an 80’s day. This was the best that we could do. Instead of blue eye shadow, we put purple. Her hair was in a pony tail on the side, but I guess not very well because I can’t tell in this picture!


Oh yeah, and remember I told you it snowed here? Some pictures of Kathryn making a snow angel and Benjamin’s foot in the snow to show you how deep it is. Oh, and one of our yard and the neighbors houses.





That’s it for now. Three posts in three days. Really, don’t expect anything for tomorrow. Or the next day. Or the next. I mean it. 


Question of the day: What do you like/dislike most about the snow?

My Poor Baby

So remember yesterday’s post? Lily being sick for a month? Well, I took her to the Dr today. Raging sinus infection. :( My poor baby. It hasn’t touched her ears which doesn’t surprise me. My children never have ear infections. They gave her some antibiotics which she slickered down like a champ. Yum Yum! She wanted more. She is really good about taking medicine. Let’s hope it stays that way.

Oh, and they had to weigh her to get the correct dose for her meds.

15 lbs, 10oz. Oh yeah, baby! That’s a pound in almost a month. She is catching up with the rest of the full term babies.


That’s what has been happening around here. It snowed here last night. We got about 4" so with living on a hill, we’re pretty much stuck. It’s going to freeze over night so who knows about school and work tomorrow.

Lily has been sick non stop since her synagis shot. She gets one more and if she is sick, I’m going to turn down the shot. Amy Lynne received one while she was in the hospital and within 24 hours, she was back on the vent and died less than a week later. Connected? Who knows, but I’m not going to have Lily sick the whole winter.

Kathryn had a school project due. She was to make an owl. We made these. I think ours turned out cuter. Of course, I forgot to take a picture to post, however, when we get them back, I’ll take one and post it.

Lauren has a school concert on Wednesday. I will take pictures of those and get them posted.

Hmmmm, what else… Oh! I got Susan something different for Christmas. Lubbock people will have to ask her. I’m not sure if she reads this; however, I’m not going to take the chance and link it here. So I’m almost all done with my Christmas shopping.

If you want, you can light a candle with me tonight. I think I’m going to do it this year.

That’s it for now folks. I’m off to make frosting. We’re going to eat it with graham crackers and milk.

What do you think?

I’ve put a new background in today. I loved it and then clicked on a sister who used to be in my ward and guess what? Yup, she had the exact one. So I went in and messed around and found a new background. I also learned a new trick…

I messed around with the html and learned how to delete the box that tells everyone where I got the template from. Oh yeah, I’m that good! (confession… I actually compared the html of a blog where Benjamin had already taken it out and then I just copied him) However, I will always remember now.

I have pictures of my girls setting the tree up. I just have to find the cable so I can get the pictures uploaded. It was also dress like you’re from the 80’s at Lauren’s school. I have a picture of her being 1985. I’ll have to get that on too.

Went to mutual tonight. I’m ready to dive head first into my calling. I’m excited.